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Seeking Alpha Legion fluff
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Default Seeking Alpha Legion fluff

Title says it all really, I am after Alpha Legion Fluff, both from official sources and those that are a little less so.

So far I have read

The Chaos Codex's from 2nd ed onwards
Imperial Armour V

What else is there?

I am hunting it because I am restarting my GW hobby and my AL army - the Triumvirate. I am blogging about it over http://www.thealphalegion.blogspot.com/
blogging about starting again in the hobby in 2 places
and follow my progress on twitter http://twitter.com/alphalegion
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Default Re: Seeking Alpha Legion fluff

Hm... wikipedia? Has a general collaboration of anything you could really need, but the general thing is that Alpha Legion doesn't have a ton of fluff. They're too secretive :P But I love the Legion, so you have my props for this endeavor. Seriously though, wikipedia should help out and there's an Alpha Legion forum in itself somewhere on the internet...

Found it!

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