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Need some good Renegade ideas...
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Default Need some good Renegade ideas...

Hey all!

I'm going to the Baltimore GD this weekend and wanted to grab something from the Forge World booth. I have a battlesuit for my Tau army, a dreadnought for my Black Templars, and a Malanthrope for my Nids. I figured it was time to treat my Chaos forces with some loving. While I don't have the cash to shell out for a $250 Bloodthirster (a real pity, I know), I've been looking at some of the new Renegade models.

I was wondering if any of my fellow followers of Chaos had any good ways I could use these models in a game (for both Chaos Demons and CSM, I play both). Also, are there any specific renegade sets that you feel are better than the others or simply cooler?

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Default Re: Need some good Renegade ideas...

flyers arent that expensive, but are very good, and ive always liked the akurion pattern and macharius tanks
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Default Re: Need some good Renegade ideas...

The Renegade Ogryns might make interesting variant Bloodcrushers...


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