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[Batrep] Daemons Vs Tau, 1500 Points
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Default [Batrep] Daemons Vs Tau, 1500 Points

My list can be found Here
My opponents list is:
Shas'O-CIB, VRT, SG, IA, SI-150
Helios (PR, FB, MT)x2-124
10 Shas'la,Devilfish-SMS, TA, MT, DL, Seeker-230
10 Shas'la,Devilfish-SMS, TA, MT, DL, Seeker-230
6 Pathfinders, Devilfish-SMS, TA, MT, DL, Seeker-202
Broadside- TeamLeader, PRs, TA, HWMT, HWDC, SD, MD-140
Ionhead-BCs, MT, DL-130

The Game was to trial daemons, so the victory condition was most scoring units left at the end wins.

Deployment had the tau go in or behind cover, with the stealths infiltrating in cover at the far table edge.

Daemon Turn 1
The Tzeentch half of the daemons deep struck, only the soul grinder didn't scattaer.
The Soul Grinder claimed two pathfinders with its phlegm, but the harvesters didn't harm them
The Herald was just out of sight of the stealth suits, while the horrors slaughtered them with warpfire.
The Prince fired at the broadside, killing both drones.
Casualties: 2 Pathfinders, 3 Stealth Suits, 1 Shield Drone, 1 Markerdrone.

Tau Turn 1
All vehicles and suits moved, fire warriors deployed from devilfish near horrors.
Broadside failed to harm Soul Grinder, Ion Head wounded Herald then BC'd horrors, shaking a devilfish instead.
Firewarriors killed 3 horrors, their devilfish killed 2. Helios and Pathfinders failed to harm Prince, then jumped back into cover
Casualties: 5 Horrors, devilfish shaken, wound to herald

Daemon Turn 2
Daemonettes deep struck perfectly, infront of the broadside, prince and fiends homed in to horror icon.
Soul Grinder, Herald, T-Prince and Flamers moved forward.
Flamers caused one wound to helios, horrors slaughtered 7 firewarriors, who fell back 5 inches. Herald failed to harm ionhead.
T-Prince killed broadside with a bolt. Soul Grinder assaulted O'Shovah, and was immobolised and stunned before attacking.
Crew stunned is negated thanks to Daemon, so the Soul Grinder attacked back, but the shield generator saved O'Shoavh
Casualties: Broadside, 7 firewarriors, wound to helios, soul grinder immobilised

Tau Turn 2

Firewarriors fell 10 inches, everything else manuevered, except the helios and pathfinders. Firewarriors disembarked near daemonettes.
Pathfinders and two seekers wounded herald again. Ionhead finished it.
Twin devilfish fired at S-Prince, wounding it twice. Shas'o failed to harm S-Prince.
Firewarriors killed 4 daemonettes. Helios killed 1 more. Devilfish killed a flamer.
O'Shovah killed Soul Grinder, Helios jumped back, Shas'o stayed.
Casualties: Soul Grinder, Herald Of Tzeentch, 5 Daemonettes, Flamer

Daemon Turn 3

No deepstrikes.
All except horrors moved forward. All shooting, 3 breathes, 2 bolts, and a pavane missed.
Daemonettes charged firewarriors, killing 5. Daemonettes killed rest on sweeping advance.
T-Prince charged Ionhead, hitting but failing to damage.
S-Prince and fiends charged Shas'o. Two wounds to Shas'o, 1 to a fiend. All three then hit'n'run out.
Casualties: 10 Firewarrirs, 2 wounds to Shas'o, one to fiend.

Tau Turn 3

Firewarriors fled, everyone except pathfinders moved.
Seeker missile killed a fiend, last hit upped BS of devilfish to 5, which killed last fiends.
Other devilfishs killed a flamer and changeling caused devilfish to stun devilfish that killed fiends.
Shas'o wounded prince of slaanesh, O'Shovah missed both shots. Ionhead brought it down to one more wound.
O'shovah assaulted S-prince and took a wound. S-Prince jumped out of assault
Casualties: Flamer, 3 fiends, 3 wounds to S-Prince.

Daemon Turn 4

Herald of Slaanesh deepstruck to Daemonette Icon. T-Prince moved to Ionhead, flamer to devilfish. Daemonettes moved in a bit
T-Prince breath of chaos shook ionhead, bolt failed to glance. flamer missed devilfish. Horror-Bolt missed devilfish, warpfire failed to glance rear.
Pathfinders pavaned out of ruins, Helios pavaned in one inch to daemonettes.
T-Prince missed ionhead in assault, S-Prince wounded O'Shovah, and was killed.
Daemonettes rended helios to death.
Casualties: S-Prince, Helios, Wound to O'Shovah

Tau Turn 4

Vehicles and Crisis moved.
Flamer saved against 4 wounds from devilfish, Other devilfish killed horrors,
Pathfinders misses, Ionhead wounded T-Prince twice. O'Shovah wounded Herald twice, assault wounded it twice more.
Herald jumped out of assault.
Casualties: 5 Horrors, 2 wounds to T-Prince, 4 to S-Herald

Daemon Turn 5

Daemonettes homed in on other daemonette icon. Flamer and T-Prince moved in to prey.
Flamer missed, T-Prince killed Ionhead with bolt. O'Shovah pavaned one inch.
O'Shovah killed by daemonettes.
Casualties: Ionhead, O'Shovah

Tau Turn 5

Skimmer wall presented to T-Prince, S-Herald and Flamer.
Shas'o moves in to daemonettes, pathfinders retreat.
Shas'o does nothing, pathfinders carbine nothing as well.
3 devilfish just managed to kill T-Prince.
Shas'o retreats
Csualties: T-Prince

Daemon Turn 6

Flamer moves to skimmer wall, daemonettes and herald move to Shas'o and pathfinders, fleeting slightly closer.
Soul grinder blocks pavane LoS. Flamer template covers two devilfish, glances both and scores a 5+6 on glancing. Decoys reroll to 5. Two dead devilfish.
Big daemonette unit slaughters pathfinders, small one wounds Shas'o, who survives thanks to stimulants and iridium.
Big daemonettes consolidate into it, but it jumps out of combat with VRT.
Casualties: 2 Devilfish, 4 pathfinders, wound to Shas'o

Tau Turn 6

Devilfish moves to get clear shot on flamer, Shas'o stays still.
Flamer killed, one member of small daemonette killed, making squad non-scoring.
Casualties: Flamer, Daemonette.

Daemons win, with a full strength squad on table worth 150 points, to no scoring units.

Things learned: Daemons will slaughter any non-skimmer parts of a tau army.
Don't count on a Soul Grinder instagibbing its enemy.
Tzeentch saves are really nice.
Slaanesh units die quickly.
Always use at least one icon per half of army.

Nice Battle Report. +1 Karma - Anton.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Daemons Vs Tau, 1500 Points

Well done . I'm happy to see a demon victory in one of these battle reports (finally).
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Default Re: [Batrep] Daemons Vs Tau, 1500 Points

I find it amusing that O'Shovah did more damage in close combat than most of his army combined. Good report.
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