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Which God does you're army worship?
View Poll Results: Which God is you're Chaos army devoted too?
Nurgle 5 20.83%
Khorne 5 20.83%
Tzeentch 6 25.00%
Slaanesh 4 16.67%
Undivided 4 16.67%
Voters: 24. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Which God does you're army worship?

I had just noticed that there hasn't been a poll like this.
(Mods- fell free to delete this If I have missed something or been stupid.)
In the official army one there is only undivided and cult, so I was justt wondering who everyone is with.

This isn't a "who is best" this is just about your chaos army's god.
I myself have a Khornate force, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD etc.
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Default Re: Which God does you're army worship?

blood for the blood god!
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Default Re: Which God does you're army worship?

Servants of the Blood God change men to headless corpses
Servants of the Rot God (?) change men to filth
Servants of the Dark Lord change men slaves of their desires
Changes rules all, and Tzeentch is the master of Change.

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Default Re: Which God does you're army worship?

Originally Posted by Korill
Servants of the Rot God (?) change men to filth
Lord of Decay.

I'd have to say Undivided, because that's what I use, but If I did make a cult army, I would have to make a Nurgle or Tzeench one. I love 'em. ^^
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Default Re: Which God does you're army worship?

Slaanesh primarily, Nurgle secondarily.
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Default Re: Which God does you're army worship?

Hey GWIZZ, the reason you haven't seen many threads or polls like this is because we usually don't allow them here. There have been a large number of them and they don't really serve a constructive purpose most of the time. So I'm going to lock this one as I do for all the others.

However, if you want to start a thread more along the lines of "why you play this God specific army" to discuss fluff, tactics, etc. But these threads quickly turn into 'Blood for the Blood God!", "Tzeentch Rules!" type posts. So I don't you mind starting a thread for people to discuss all the factions and why they play them as long as there is something of merit being discussed. So even though this post isn't a "who is best" post, from experience that's what it will turn into quickly. Try something more like, "what about x/y/z god specific legion's tactics/fluff/background appeals to you and what advantages do you think they have over the others?"
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