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Alpha Legion
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Default Re: Alpha Legion

Originally Posted by 1aZe
I've been thinking on expanding to 1.5k... Any thoughts?
Maybe look into adding 2 or 3 squads of cultists. Probally go with 10-12 in each squad. Also maybe consider a heavy bolter havoc squad or even autocannons. Tank hunting autocannons can be very nice. Also consider 1 or 2 preds if you don't wanna have just pure infantry. A good set up for predators would be either heavy bolter side sponsons and autocannon or lascannon side sponsons and autocannnon. The twin linked lascannon is a waste of points. Definately consider adding mutated hull to it as well, but try and not go crazy with upgrading the predator, 160-170 points or less is a pretty good benchmark. Never go 200 or over. Also consider upping you squads of 6 men to 7 or 8 unless there the lascannon squads.
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Default Re: Alpha Legion

Here is my 500 point list.

I had 5 battles with it today and got a victorious slaughter on every single one ;D

My chaos lord just rips my enemys apart and then my squads kill the tanks and finish off the men my lord dont see valuble to kill >

Chaos lord
Dark blade
Bolt pistol
Frag Grenades
Daemonic Aura
Daemonic Vissage
Daemonic resilience
Daemonic Speed
Mark of chaos undivided 137

Chaos space marines (8 )
Mark of chaos undivided
Plasma gun
Aspiring champion
Power fist 181

Chaos space marines (8 )
Mark of chaos undivided
Plasma gun
Aspiring champion
Power fist 181

Total 504

++EDIT++ Forgot to add Vissage (It kiks A** !!!!)
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