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Chaos Scouts
Old 31 May 2008, 04:34   #1 (permalink)
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Default Chaos Scouts

My brother has started stripping all his old space marines and found a squad of scouts...he has decided to give them to me as he is quitting the game :-\

So I don't know what to do about the scouts and I was thinking about whether I should use them as Space Marine scouts but give them access to Chaos armoury?
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

For better or worse, no CSMs just have 'access to the Chaos armory' any longer. Each unit type has wargear options specific to itself.

There's no way you could legally use scouts in a Chaos army, but for friendly games, if you really wanted to use them, I'd just use them as they are for SMs, though dropping ATSKNF and increasing Leadership to 9. That would spare you from potentially going overboard.

If you're only talking a few scouts though, I wouldn't bother. Use Chosen if you want that sort of thing in Chaos.
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

not necessarily, have you tried chosen? (scouts infiltrate, chosen infiltrate) and chosen tend to look more unique in comparison to their counterparts.

Have some fun since ccw/pistols/bolters are no limits on you.
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

You could use them in an apocalypse game or as traitor guard from the Witchunters Codex, Adversaries section.

Alternatively, just call them normal chaos space marines as the armour difference should not cause confusion as they cannot have carapace armour.
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

chosen are the best scouts avaidable to chaos, up to 4 special weps and a heavy wep, no scouts can hope to match that, your best choice would be to use them for conversions
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

or try to sell them, then you could buy something else.
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

I would say use them, look for bits for plasma weapons etc...

scouts should have access to missile launchers, and heavy bolters.. but thats off the top of my head.
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Default Re: Chaos Scouts

I like the Chosen idea. You could get yourself some bits from Orks & Orcs (shoulder pads and such) and bulk up their armor a bit.

Are we talking about plastic space marine scouts? If so, you could buy a box of Possessed and probably convert 10 models out of the lot.
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