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plasma weapons
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Default plasma weapons

I was wandering if plasma guns and plasma pistols were worth taking in a normal chaos space marine squad or is the over heat to risky?
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Default Re: plasma weapons

The heat is always a risk but the Plasma weopons would be effective against MEQ armies and other high save people so unless you're facing Orks or 'Nids then bring one. A low AP on a gun is always useful against MEQS.
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Default Re: plasma weapons

The pros outweigh the cons with plasma weapons, even if you do suffer a 'gets hot' hit you still have your armour save so the chances of you falling as a casualty to your own weapon are quite slim. Its good for any CSM squad to have some teeth in it.
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Default Re: plasma weapons

For standard (unmarked) CSM's, plasma is a decent trade off. So long as you're not rapid-firing, you can normally get away with a shot here or there. If you fail your Get's Hot save...well, then it's not that many points.

I would never put Plasma on marked Chosen...or Raptors...or Terminator Champions...or Bikers...or Berserkers. Basically, I wouldn't put Plasma on anything over 20 points. Otherwise, you risk dropping a 35+ point model to friendly fire. The only exception here is Plague Marines and I would suggest putting plasma on them. Their Power Armor / Feel No Pain combo allows them to shrug off most all Plasma failures.

I would also contend that Plasma is great to bring to the table against almost any army. Need to drop that Ork Trukk? Plasma. Need to kill those Biker Nobs or Mega Armored Nobs? Plasma. Need to kill that Tyranid Monstrous Creature? Plasma. The only armies where Plasma doesn't really help are Eldar (with the exceptions of Wraithguard and Wraithlords), Dark Eldar, and Imperial Guard (with the exception of Ogryns).

Hope this helps some.
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