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500 point Daemonette vs Blood Angels.
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Default 500 point Daemonette vs Blood Angels.

My opponent, A black shirt who we shall name him... Blood Angel Joe.

His list.

2 squad of 10 marines with 1 heavy bolter.
1 Chaplin and 2 marines that are part of his Death Company.

My list

4 squads of 8 daemonettes
1 herald.

scenario - your basic kill them all type of game using *cough* 2ndED v2.0.

Terrain - Very light and more in his favor. 4x4 table.

Setup - Joe had one squad of BA in 1 building and 2nd
Squad in a forest. Death company is with 2nd squad.

I had only one forest to hide behind.

Turn 1.

Joe Blood Angel

Joe got first turn and decided to make minor adjustments to his units.


rolled a 2 which meant that only daemonettes 1 and 2 came in. The herald was in squad 4.

Deep struck both units to one side. Unfortunately Daemonette 2 was just a bit two close to squad one of the BA's

Turn 2.

Joe Blood Angel Rapid fires at my Daemonette and wipes them out with ease.

My turn.

Daemonette 3 and 4 comes in on essentially my left and on my right of the board. Daemonette 3 scatters behind my forest area terrain and Daemonette 4 scatters in my area but not out of reach of squad 2's weaponry.

Daemonette 1 moves and rolls a 6 on their fleet.

Turn 3.

Joe Blood Angel.
He rolled a three to try to move his death company heading towards squad 1

Only Squad one can attack Daemonette 1 and luckily only kills 4 daemonettes.

Daemonette 1 3 and 4 move and fleets of 6, 4, and 6 respectively.

Daemonette 1 is in assault range and gets in an angle so that they can attack fully and Squad 1 only can attack back with 6 BA. We agreed that the term the offensive and Defensive grenades were like frag and blight grenades respectively.

I attacked 24 times to his 6 BA that were able to attack my girls. I got a somewhat lucky roll to wound. 4 6's and 2 5's. The rest missed. He failed the two wounds and failed wound me. He made his morale check and we piled in.

Turn 4.

Joe Blood Angel

He moves his Death Company 6 inches but is unable to assault this turn.

Squad 2 opens up in long range and wipes out. Daemonette 4. Only the herald remains.

Assault begins and rolled 2 6' and 3, 5's out of 18 dice. He loses all for of them with the combination of wounds and drag down.

At this time we both agreed that regardless of the outcome it was going to be a draw. Just by our positioning and the way it was scored Via 2nd Ed v2.0 or 4th victory conditions.

We did continue and finished our game and our outcome was correct. Death company was overwhelmed by Daemonette 1 but was mowed down by Squad two. The hearald was able to get into assault but it too died by being overwhelmed.

We both had one Scoring unit available. BA Squad 2 and Daemonette Squad 3.

Game time was 35 minutes.

What I have learned from this small game.

Daemonettes are fragile and because of them being now STR 3, they needs 5's to wound against MEQ's.

I tried smaller squads to see on how the game mechanics/simulation would work for this army.

Smaller squads get wiped out easily.

Larger squads suffer from template weapons.

I am really starting to dislike the Deep Strike rules for this codex, as my assumptions are correct so far.

You will win or lose by the toss of the dice more so than any other codex that is in print. That is not the way to play a game by the luck of the dice.

I will however will be testing other tactics as models will permit.

Lastly because on how I know a *cough* a little bit on how 2nd Ed v2.0 works. I'm staring really hard at the Chaos codex as another viable option for an army to use.

As many Evil people have said before me, WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!
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