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Heretical Visions: The Lost and the Damned - Part One
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Default Heretical Visions: The Lost and the Damned - Part One

In the second installment of this series of articles I'm going to explore using Codex: Chaos Daemons as a template for creating a Lost and the Damned force. The Lost and the Damned will be at least two parts in my Heretical Visions articles. Part One will focus on a completely legal Lost and the Damned "counts as" army using Codex: Chaos Daemons that can be used in any gaming situation, whether it be tournament or friendly play. Part Two will focus on using a combination of codices and rules designed more for friendly play, themed games for scenarios, campaigns or house rules.

The new Chaos Daemon codex has great potential to represent a force of traitors, mutants and heretics. When using units as "counts as" choices I look at a unit's stat line without taking the fluff behind the unit into account. When using this approach it allows an unbiased look at the units abilities without holding on to preconceived notions of what that unit should be. That is not to say that fluff should entirely be thrown out the window, but it allows some freedom to work with the unit's stats to re-imagine what it can represent.

With this interpretation of what a Lost and the Damned army could be created, it's not as important to worry about balance as the codex is official and completely legal for any type of play. However, things should still make sense in the representation of the model itself. For instance, you shouldn't use human or Ork sized models to represent Fiends of Slaanesh or Beasts of Nurgle. So just remember to use properly scaled models and correct base sizes for any conversions.


With Daemons unique deployment style, you may ask yourself why a Lost and the Damned army would essentially deepstrike their units. Well this can be justified quite easily. Traitors and mutants may be crawling out of tunnels, emerging from buildings or hidden ambush points throughout the battlefield. The potentially sporadic emergence of units perfectly represents an unorganized, yet brutal assault towards the enemy.

Humanoid sized infantry: Traitors, mutants and heretics

Probably the best unit choice to represent Traitor Guard, Mutants with ranged weaponry or Cultists are Pink Horrors. Pink Horrors have basically a GEQ statline and ranged attacks, but the 4+ invulnerable save and fearless traits present a few problems with justification of those abilities.

If you are going for a Nurgle theme for the units, the 4+ invulnerable can be represented as a type of Feel No Pain, simply taken to avoid wounds all together rather than saving wounds after they are inflicted. For Traitor Guardsmen this can be represented as a cover save of sorts. The units may know the lay of the land and every nook and cranny on the battlefield, allowing them to make the most of their surroundings to protect themselves from incoming fire.

Obviously, this doesn't cover every scenario, close combat doesn't allow cover saves so there's no real way to explain or justify the abilities in all cases. The important thing to keep in mind is it's counts as, it's not going to be perfect and as long as your opponent is clear on what units count as what, there shouldn't be any problems, aside from turning a blind eye to a few uncharacteristically good abilities for the sake of making a usable LaTD force.

If you prefer a more close combat oriented approach you can take any of the Troops daemons to represent mutants or crazed Chaos cultists with various CC weaponry. Keep in mind the abilities though, you may want to model extremely large axes or chainweapons/eviscerators to represent rending or power weapon abilities.

Bikers and Roughriders

The Seekers of Slaanesh can provide players with a great cavalry unit to count as Traitor Guard Rough riders or bikers, even mutant bikers or Centagor type creatures. The high intiative and weapons skill in combination with the Aura of Acquiescense can represent long lances or simply the lightning quick strike of these types of fast units.

Big Mutants

Fiends of Slaanesh, Bloodcrushers and Beasts of Nurgle can all be used to represent Big Mutants. Though they lack ranged weaponry, they all have decent statlines to represent big, powerful warriors of Chaos. For these, I suggest looking at which unit fits your conversions best.


Well this is Codex daemons, so why not have some standard daemons and have an excuse to get some of the lovely new models? The traitors, cultists and mutants would no doubt pray to their Chaos masters for help in battle and with icons be able to summon these vile creatures of the Warp.

Greater Daemons can be used in this way as well but you may want to limit yourself to just one. It would have to be a pretty well done ritual for some cultists to summon forth two greater daemons in a single conflict.

Tanks and Daemonic vehicles

The soulgrinder can used to to represent any number of vehicles constructed by a traitor army, or simply used as a soul grinder. You could even use a Leman Russ model with the Phlegm weapon option as it's battle cannon, perhaps modeling some daemonic arms on the front to justify the units close combat abilities.

Daemon Prince

Perhaps a mighty warlord has joined the ranks of a rag tag contingent of warriors, using them as his pawns for his own purposes but not truely leading them. While the Daemon Prince entry is Heavy Support and not HQ you can justify it's inclusion in a LaTD army. Or perhaps it is just used to represent some monstrosity, either biological or mechanical... or perhaps both. The Daemon Prince option can be used represent any number of large creatures.


Perhaps they are Space Marines gaining unworldly power on the ascension to Daemonhood or just a crazed Demagogue leading his followers to war. The Herald units are perhaps the most fitting unit to lead this army to war.


So those are some of my ideas on how you can create a counts as LaTD force using the new Daemon codex. While not everything works perfectly, it is doable and with a little imagination you can not only create a themed look to your army but take advantage of all the different options available in the codex.

How you choose to create this army and what units to take can vary as much as the look of one persons LaTD army does to another, so the important thing is to use the units that work best for your force and which units you think are the coolest. So go dust off that army you thought was done for good, or perhaps you've always wanted to start one but didn't want to use outdated, unofficial rules. Now is your chance, fielding a LatD force is viable once again.

Fantastic article! + 1 Karma Anton.

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Default Re: Heretical Visions: The Lost and the Damned - Part One

Now the above post discusses theories for building a LaTD army without getting too specific on a general theme for an army. Here I will show my personal LaTD army I'm going to build and how it is themed specifically for what I want my force to use. My army will have a Nurgle theme throughout, even though I'll be using various units that are not Nurgle marked but can still keep to the theme. I'll also be showing what models I'll be using for the conversions with each unit entry.


Epidemus - 110 Points

The Model will be built using a OOP Palaquin of Nurgle. Converted to represent Epidemus or simply a Herald on a Palaquin rules wise. This model will count as my Demagogue and leader of my LaTD force.

Great Unclean One - 195
- Breath of Chaos
- Cloud of Flies


Bloodcrushers of Khorne(5) - 225
- Chaos icon

These models will represent Mutants mounted on Daemonic beasts, They will carry large chainaxes to represent Hellblades. Models will use heavily converted Bloodcrusher with a more nurgle look with Ork riders similar to my mutants replacing the bloodletters.


Pink Horrors(14) - 273
- Chaos Icon
- Bolt of Tzeentch

Pink Horrors(14) - 273
- Chaos Icon
- Bolt of Tzeentch

Pink Horrors(14) - 273
- Chaos Icon
- Bolt of Tzeentch

The Pink Horrors will represent Nurgle mutants in my army. The warpfire will count as their guns with the BoT representing a heavy weapon in each of the squads. The mutants will use Ork boyz with zombie heads equipped with gas masks.

Nurglings(9) - 117

Nurglings(9) - 117

Plaguebearers(20) - 335
- Noxious Touch
- Chaos Icon

Additional Troops options I'm considering for variety

Bloodletters of Khorne - Counts as Beastmen mutants. Equipped with giant chain axes to represent Hellblades. Models would most likely use a mix of Ork and Beastmen bits with hood covering the heads similar to Pestigors.

Daemonettes of Slaanesh - Counts as rage zombies. Converted Ghouls and/or zombies as the base for these models, potentially with mechanical bits to represent worker cyborgs or servitors gone haywire.

Fast attack

Seekers of Slaanesh(7) - 144
- Chaos Icon

Counts as mutant bikers with various CC weapons.

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder - 160
- Phlegm

Soul Grinder - 160
- Phlegm

Using my Defilers models for these. I may add a third using the actual soulgrinder kit at some point.

Daemon Prince - 240
- Daemonic Flight
- Iron Hide
- Mark of Nurgle
- Noxious Touch
- Breath of Chaos

I'll just be using my Daemon Prince model I currently have for this unit. I plan on adding a second one at some point for more variety to the list.

Army Total not including optional units: 2349 points

Depending on game size I'll probably work on this list to fine tune it for 1,500 and 2,000 point games. The army list is more to show the variety of units that can be taken and still maintain a themed LaTD force. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of what you can do with the daemon codex to build a LaTD army.

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