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Chaos Daemons VS Imperial Guard: 2000 pts
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Default Chaos Daemons VS Imperial Guard: 2000 pts

OK so this is my 2nd battle ever with Chaos and the first one where I tried mixing gods. (I don't really like it as I'd prefer to play mono-Khorne, but that's not particularly effective.)

Bloodthirster w/ Unholy Might, Death Strike, Blessing of the Blood God
Herald of Slaanesh w/ Pavane, Chariot
20x Bloodletters (Instrument & Fury)
10x Plaguebearers (Icon)
10x Daemonettes (Instrument)
10x Pink Horrors (Icon & Bolt)
8x Nurglings
10x Seekers (Instrument)
6x Bloodcrusher

His list: (I'm unfamiliar with IG units so I'll just write down what I saw)
2 Leman Russ
1 Basilisk
2 Hellhounds
3 Chimera's
a total of 6 Heavy Bolter platforms
a Mortar in his command squad
3 Walkers (multilaser)
1 Walker (multilaser)
2x 10 Conscripts

Lots of flamer templates, pretty much every unit had the sharpshooter ability and overall this list is VERY nasty when your units arrive in the shape of a blast template -.-;

Turn 1: He moves his conscripts forward as a barrier for when I deepstrike.

I choose all the tough units to arrive this turn (all Nurgle and Tzeentch units plus the Soul Grinder and the Bloodcrushers), leaving my more vulnerable units in reserve. I roll to receive the gods' blessing and I do.

Soul Grinder comes down the middle to pester some chimera's, pink horrors and nurglings to its right, in front of the conscripts and a Russ, Plaguebearers drop in almost right in front of the conscripts on (mY) left side of the field and the Bloodcrushers arrive on my half of the field due to an unlucky scatter.
I decide I need to get rid of all templates and such asap, so my Soul Grinder and Pink Horrors shoot at the same Russ, both miss.

Turn 2: They get a turn to shoot and do so well: I lose all my Pink Horrors and the Plaguebearers are reduced to 4 or 5.

The Bloodletters, Bloodthirster and Daemonettes arrive. The Bloodletters arrive on the right side of the field, behind some Nurglings. The plan being to have my Nurglings assault as many platforms as I can to keep LoS blocked to my Bloodletters. The Daemonettes arrive in front of the Bloodcrushers and would later fleet out of Blast formation, the Bloodthirster arrived in front of a Hellhound that was staring down my Plaguebearers.
I move my available units into position and shoot the Russ with my Soul Grinder (miss again) and use death strike on the chimera, which also misses.
My plaguebearers assault the conscripts, the nurglings assault 2 heavy bolter platforms and block LoS to a 3rd behind it, my Soul Grinder assaults the Russ.

Plaguebearers barely win combat, but the conscripts stand their ground, the nurglings kill off 2-3 guardsmen and take some wounds themselves and the Soul Grinder immobilizes the russ, while also knocking off the battlecannon and a lascannon, leaving it stunned.

Turn 3:
Blasts and other ugly things cut my 20 man Bloodletter squad down to 5, Daemonettes are wiped out completely. Soul Grinder gets stunned by a heavy flamer to the rear, but it's ignored.

The Herald of Slaanesh arrives near a Heavy Bolter platform squad, Seekers arrive on my half, close to the Bloodcrushers, next turn they'll be using their range to destroy some Chimera's.
Bloodcrushers and Soul Grinder move up to sandwich a Chimera and a Walker. Bloodthirster moves next to the Basilisk, the remaining Bloodletters run up to a 3 man Walker squad. Soul Grinder shoots at the Chimera and misses. Bloodthirster uses Death Strike again. Hits, but doesn't do any damage.

Bloodthirster charges Basilisk and destroys it, Soul Grinder charges Chimera and destroys it, Bloodcrushers charge the Chimera and the Walker and destroy the Walker, Bloodletters charge the Walkers and manage to destroy 1 and shake the other.

Plaguebearers and Nurglings draw again.

Turn 4:
Some shooting at my Soul Grinder, but it's all in vain. Combat results in draws everywhere.

Bloodcrushers move up to assist the Plaguebearers, Bloodthirster jumps up behind the Hellhound, Seekers run up to another Chimera.
Assaults are made, the Bloodthirster chomps the Hellhound, Seekers destroy the Chimera with ease, Soul Grinder charged an inf squad and only kills 1, Bloodcrushers devour the last few Conscripts and everyone marches up to the remaining fire line. Slaanesh herald kills some guardsmen of the heavy bolter squad in combat.

Turn 5:
3rd Chimera runs up to meet the Bloodcrushers, Nurglings are finally killed off.

Bloodcrushers and Bloodthirster charge the Chimera, Seekers charge the passengers of the Chimera they destroyed in turn 4. Plaguebearers charge the bolter squad that the Herald is fighting in.
Heavy bolter squad is wiped, Bloodthirster wrecks the Chimera, the Seekers swipe the passengers with rending hits alone.

At this point my opponent had to go so we called it. It ended up being a draw in my favor by some 150-ish points.

Lessons learned:
Plaguebearers will survive anything
Daemonettes' fleet is very useful when facing blasts
Seekers are great at killing *anything*
Bloodthirster and Soul Grinder are excellent at tank hunting.
Also, I love Furious Charge <3

+1 Karma for the Battle Report - Anton.
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