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sorceror options
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Default sorceror options

I want a sorcerer in my army. I was wandering if I should give him terminator armour or should I not and give him a disc of tzeentch instead (I am making a tzeentch army)or wings/ jump pack instead of the disc. also I was wandering if there is any way to make it so that my sorcerer does not have to take physic test or does something else that I can give him to alter the result of the test to make it more likely for me to pass it?
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Default Re: sorceror options

terminator armor is optional, but it is nice to deep strike and unload a salvo of psychic powers. (tzeentch firing two btw)

its not bad in concept, but if you don't need the armor so badly, settle with the 3/4+ saves, its very respectable.

as for the disk, and wings, remember your still paying for powers, and the base cost. Disks, or wings, only if necessary.
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Default Re: sorceror options

The only way you're avoiding a psychic test is through doing a proxy. You could proxy Typhus, the special character for nurgle. He gets, IIRC, wind of chaos and the ability to use his daemon weapon as a force weapon without psychic tests. I think he's got pretty cool rules, although he is a little expensive points-wise.

I too would be a bit concerned about Tzeentch sorcerers under the coming 5th edition rules. Fail your psychic test and you have to save against an auto wound TWICE with your invulnerable. Sure, you get a better invulnerable than everyone else, but you're also casting spells twice as often.
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Default Re: sorceror options

i dont think perils of the warp is that much of an issue in 5th. you still have a 1/18 chance of causing one and then you get to roll your save. even if you cast 2 spells every turn you only have about a 1/2 chance of dealing yourself one wound over the course of a game, which isnt that much of a worry really.

as for options it depends what you would like your sorcerer to do. personally i think they are best on a disk or with wings with warp time and wind of chaos. however, for the same price you could get a demon prince with exactly the same options but a much better statline.

arent isnt any way to ignore psycic tests in the new chaos codex, except if youre typhus.
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