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World Eaters vs Necrons
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Default World Eaters vs Necrons

Anyone got any advice on a World Eaters versus Necrons matchup where I'm the blood-frothing loon? Not got much experience against these bad boys.

How do I take down the Monolith and do I really need to? The only things I've got that can scratch it are:

1 Meltagun (not good, 6+ on one dice)
2 Lascannons (slightly better on a 5+)
2 Zerker's with fists (10 chances to score a 6 to hit, then needing 5+)
1 Combat Dreadnought (likely to be a sitting target to those Gauss rifles and only 5 chances to score a 6 to hit, but then only needing 4+ to do anything)
On the plus side, he's the type to deep strike it right into the middle of my army, so I've a good chance of getting into contact...

Any general tactics to remember?
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Default Re: World Eaters vs Necrons

Generally speaking, you should ideally ignore the Monolith and instead focus on taking down Necron units, forcing your opponent to phase out. I don't think we have anything that could take down a Monolith with ease, plus those weapons would be of greater use against other Necron units. As a World Eaters player it will be even harder for you to destroy a Monolith. If you have the firepower available you should be able to take down a Monolith, but other people will agree that you will stand a greater chance of victory if you ignore the Monolith and go for the Necron units.
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Default Re: World Eaters vs Necrons

The points put into a Monolith are points that are not invested in Necrons, that makes less Necrons that must be killed before they disappear. So thank your opponent for his generosity and get stuck in!

Seriously though, once you're in close combat most Necron units can't really hold their own against a force like the World Eaters. And when your Marines are in close combat, the Monolith cannot shoot at them. And using it as a gigantic transport is just kind of stupid for the amount of points paid for it.
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