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The Gods of the Warp: A Concise Introduction
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Default The Gods of the Warp: A Concise Introduction

Well I wrote this article on request and figured I may as well share. I hope you guys enjoy it!


The Gods of the Warp: An Introduction


This article is designed to give a brief overview of the Chaos Gods and their servants for any aspiring Chaos Champions seeking forbidden lore. Knowledge and power awaits you, for nothing more than the cost of your immortal soul.



Also known as The Prince of Excess and She Who Thirsts by the Eldar and Dark Eldar, Slaanesh is the god of ecstasy and decadence. Slaanesh was “born” into the warp 10,000 years ago when the Eldar race reached the height of its decadence, arrogance and excess. The new and hungry chaos god consumed the vast majority of the Eldar race and only a few of the mighty trade vessels known as Craftworlds escaped “The Fall” of the Eldar. Some of the decadent psychotics survived however and escaped Slaanesh by fleeing into the webway, these foul creatures that birthed the fourth of the mighty Chaos gods still exist today. Slaanesh is the enemy of Khorn the Blood God, and it is rare indeed to see the followers of the two powers working together.

Slaanesh’s Chaos Marine Servants

Slaanesh’s primary followers among the Chaos Legions are the Emperor’s Children, the Legion of the Primarch Fulgrim. The Legion ever sought perfection till it drove them mad and straight into the embrace of Slaanesh at the onset of the Horus Heresy. The Emperor’s Children were responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the Horus Heresy, leaving the siege of the Emperor’s palace to have their fun with the Imperial citizenry, melting down millions into drugs, and killing countless more for other pleasures.

Noise Marines

The most obviously twisted servants of Slaanesh amongst the Emperor’s Children are the terrifying Noise Marines, Chaos Space Marines so inured to excess of all forms that only the very loudest sounds and death screams can elicit any response from these hardened warriors of ten millennia of war. Noise Marines live up to their name, employing a wide array of sonic weaponry to blast apart their foes with blasts of sonic power.

Lucius the Eternal

During the Great Crusade a master swordsman emerged amongst the ranks of the Emperor’s Children. Seeking only the perfection of combat Lucius’ ambition knew no bounds, betraying his long time friend Saul Tarvitz to join Horus and the rebellion. Lucius became a champion of Slaanesh, almost unbeatable in battle until finally he was brought down by Lord Commander Cyrius. However Slaanesh would not allow such a chosen champion to fall and even in his moment of victory Cyrius was defeated, his armor warping and his skin becoming riddled with scars. Within moments Cyrius’ body had transformed into Lucius reborn, and the screaming face of Cyrius was forever trapped within the Artificer Armor he had once worn. Even now Lucius is reborn whenever he is killed on the battlefield, taking over the body of the prideful victor and trapping his killer’s soul within his armor.

Fabius Bile

Fabius Bile was chief apothecary to the Emperor’s Children, and it was he who first began to unlock the secrets of the Gene-Seed, to enhance the warriors of the Emperor’s Children. His quest for forbidden knowledge eventually led him to uncovering the secrets of the creation of Space Marines and he is now the only servant of Chaos capable of creating new Space Marines, and he hires his services out to the chaos legions in exchange for slaves and supplies with which to conduct his ever more insane experiments.

Daemons of Slaanesh

Keeper of Secrets

The Greater Daemons of Slaanesh are known as the Keepers of Secrets, and they indeed know the deepest darkest desires of those they face, using that knowledge to gain power over their foes, and destroy the followers of the Corpse God with lithe and utterly lethal grace.


The Daemonettes of Slaanesh are as terrifying as they are dangerous, for despite their horrifying appearance they are at the same time lithe and unnaturally beautiful, gliding across the battlefield to carve apart enraptured men where they stand and conduct a song in the screams of the dying.



Tzeentch is the Changer of Ways, the God of Sorcery, and ultimately all sorcery originates with Tzeentch. The Changer of Ways is ultimately never the same for long, his plans and plots unbelievably intricate and spanning extraordinary amounts of time. The machinations of Tzeentch control every plot of subterfuge and manipulation spanning the galaxy, each controlled by a puppet believing themselves servants of Tzeentch and mutually beneficial, though ultimately they are all pawns of the Sorcerer God. Tzeentch whispers promises of life eternal and power over mutation and life. This is of course directly contradictory to Nurgle, who is the chief enemy of Tzeentch among the chaos gods. However Tzeentch does every now and then broker alliances between the chaos gods on the relatively few occasions that they must work together to accomplish their goals, though he certainly doesn’t do this through altruism of any sort.

Tzeentch’s Chaos Marine Servants

The primary followers of Tzeentch among the traitor legions are the Thousand Sons, the Legion of Magnus the Red, or the Cyclopean Primarch. Just before the Horus Heresy Magnus predicted the fall of Horus, but not knowing when the Warmaster’s treachery would occur he did not want to trust spacecraft or astropathic messages and instead tried to use Sorcery to breach the wards of the Emperor’s palace and deliver a warning directly. He succeeded but the Emperor would not believe that his favored son would betray him on the word of a Primarch who was at that very moment disobeying a direct order against using Sorcery. Leman Russ who was there with the Emperor was dispatched to bring Magnus back to account for his actions, however Horus contacted Russ while he made for Prospero and manipulated the Space Wolves Primarch to sack Prospero and destroy the Thousand Sons, which the Space Wolves set about doing with furious abandon. When the Thousand Sons needed their powers most they were ineffective and the Space Wolves assault breached the Thousand Sons defenses, cutting down the marines of Magnus and burning the Great Libraries of Prospero. At the height of the battle Magnus took to the field and his immense power took a terrible toll on the Space Wolves but they would not relent and ultimately Russ broke the Thousand Sons Primarch and stood over his defeated enemy, ready to strike the killing blow. At that moment Magnus begged for deliverance and Tzeentch answered, spiriting away the Primarch and his legion to safety. However in doing so Magnus had given in to the chaos powers and the mutations that had always been present in the Legion increased drastically, to counter this Magnus’ chief sorcerer cast the spell known as the Rubric of Ahriman. The spell worked, Ahriman halted the Legion’s mutation, but the favors of Tzeentch are fickle and the cost was terrible, the vast majority of the Legion was reduced to ash, their spirits bound forever inside their armor, only the mightiest sorcerers of the Legion survived the spell. Since then the Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons have led their automaton brethren against the followers of the Corpse God in the name of Magnus and the Changer of Ways.

Rubric Marines

The Rubric Marines of the Thousand Sons are the marines whose bodies were reduced to dust by the Rubric of Ahriman. The entombed souls of the astartes are trapped forever in their armor, unable to comprehend what happened to them. The Rubric Marines march steadily and implacably across the battlefield, shrugging off the very worst of injuries without any reaction and laying down a withering hail of fire, all the while guided by their sorcerer brethren.

Ahriman of the Thousand Sons

During the Horus Heresy Ahriman was the Chief Librarian of the Legion. But after the sacking of Prospero Ahriman took matters into his own hand, stealing the Book of Magnus and using it to cast the Rubric of Ahriman in an attempt to halt the Legion’s mutation. One can suppose that he was successful, but the price was high and the already distraught Magnus was furious that his crippled legion had largely been reduced to mindless automaton suits of armor. Banished from the planet of Sorcerers Ahriman travels the galaxy and the webway of the Eldar ever in search of the mysterious Black Library and the knowledge it holds, though so far the servants of the Laughing God, the Harlequins have thwarted his every effort.

Daemons of Tzeentch

Lord of Change

Lords of Change are the mighty Greater Daemons of Tzeentch, masters of the intricate web of fate and beings of incredible magic power. Lords of Change boast incredible magic power and on the battlefield use their mastery of the warp to confound their enemies and lead them to their doom. The plans and plots of Lords of Change can be centuries, even millennia to come to fruition but when they do the servants of the Emperor suffer greatly.


Horrors and their larger brethren Flamers are the footsoldiers of Tzeentch’s daemonic soldiers, casting bolts of magic flame at their enemies, burning away their bodies and souls in the fires of the warp.


Screamers are lightning killers, striking at incredible speed to rend and tear their enemies before swooping away before their foes can retaliate. Screamers harass and slay their enemies while the servants of Tzeentch close for the kill.



Khorne is the Blood God, sitting in the warp on a massive brass throne atop a mountain of skulls amidst seas of blood, Khorne’s only care is the flowing of blood and the taking of skull trophies from the corpses of felled enemies, to slaughter the foe with utter ruthless abandon and leave behind a trail of death. Khorne embodies slaughter and wanton rage, his worship is in every brutal murder, every pointless death, every blow of hatred is a song of praise to Khorne. Khorne hates the decadent Slaanesh, finding pleasure in killing alone viewing the tremendous intricacies and excesses of Slaanesh as pointless.

Khornes Chaos Marine Servants

The World Eaters of Angron are the principal Servants of Khorne. Angron who grew up as a Gladiator and given implants to increase his aggression in battle, reflected these traits on his Legion. During the Great Crusade the World Eaters left a trail of blood and death in their wake far in excess of the actions of their brethren. Declaimed as murderers and butchers by their detractors the World Eaters proved all of these things true when during the Horus Heresy the World Eaters threw themselves into the worship of Khorne, becoming pretty much entirely Berserkers in the service of the Blood God, the World Eaters launched themselves into the most brutal battles of the Horus Heresy without a second thought.

Khorne Berserkers

Khorne Berserkers are the embodiment of Khorne, ferocious warriors intent on nothing more than getting to grips with their foes, often forgetting about ranged combat entirely in their desperation to get in close to cleave apart their foes with howling chainblades. There are few more deadly or more terrifying foes to face in close combat.

Kharn the Betrayer

Kharn the Betrayer was a heroic champion of the World Eaters during the Great Crusade, but during the Istvaan campaign he fell into the embrace of Khorne without hesitation. He was almost unbeatable, at the forefront of every assault on the Emperor’s palace until finally he fell to the blades of his foes just as Horus himself was defeated. Unusually though the World Eaters took Kharn’s body with them and to their amazement he was revived and the legion took his new life as a blessing from Khorne. However the Legion would have done better if Kharn had stayed dead, for he earned his title when the World Eaters were battling their foes the Emperor’s Children on the daemon world of Skalathrax. During night time the temperature was too low for even the Astartes to continue fighting, and so the forces of Slaanesh and Khorne would retire to massive igloos to wait out the night and the cold. Kharn however was furious that his brethren would stop fighting, so he took up a flamer and began to destroy the cover of both the Emperor’s Children and the World Eaters, stalking through the flames and the night slaying all before him, indiscriminate of sides. His actions that night shattered the World Eaters irreparably.

Daemons of Khorne


The Bloodrhister of Khorne is a massive bull headed beast, wearing ancient archaic armor, and bearing a mighty double headed axe, the Bloodthirster’s only desire is to shed blood in the name of Khorne and the Greater Daemon’s of Khorne are very good at what they do.


Bloodletters are the footsoldiers of Khorne, horned daemons wielding massive great swords, Bloodletters sweep before the armies of Khorne, cutting down their enemies in the name of the Blood God and taking their skulls for the throne of bone.

Flesh Hounds

Flesh hound are the bestial hunters of Khorne’s armies, racing ahead of the followers of Khorne to sow terror and death amongst the Corpse God’s followers, rending and tearing their foes mercilessly and chasing them down with ruthless abandon.



Nurgle is the god of death, decay and pestilence. Nurgle’s single desire is to spread rot, death, and decay amongst all living things. Known as the Lord of Decay, Nurgle spreads his rot and contagion wherever he can, animating the corpses of those who die to his plagues. His servants bear horrible mutations, bearing the marks of Nurgle’s rot, bearing a plethora of plagues and diseases in utter agony, even as the mark of Nurgle gives them superhuman strength and resilience. Nurgle’s greatest rival amongst the chaos gods is Tzeentch, whose powers and influence are often opposed and inimical to those of Nurgle.

Nurgle’s Chaos Marine Servants

The servants of Nurgle amongst the Traitor Legions are the Death Guard, once proud and stoic warriors and experts at waging war in the most inhospitable of places. Mortarion the Primarch of the Death Guard prided himself and his legion with their ability to withstand poisons and inhospitable environments however this pride turned out to be their fatal flaw. For First Captain Typhon, commander of the battleship the Terminus Est, had already pledged his loyalty to Nurgle. He slew the Death Guard’s navigators, claiming his power could see them through the warp, and it was he who welcomed the Destroyer Plague amongst the Death Guard, and for all their vaunted resilience they could not resist. When the last of the Death Guard fell Typhon became Typhus, Herald of Nurgle.

Plague Marines

The marines of the Death Guard arose again as the Plague Marines, servants of Nurgle, their once prideful manner now corrupted in the extreme, their armor leaking pus and disease, their entrails and flesh hanging from ragged holes in their armor, their skin sickly and pallid. But for all their deformities the Death Guard plague marines are incredibly hard to kill, their plagues and diseases allowing them to live through almost any injury and their melded flesh and armor highly resistant to harm.

Typhus, Herald of Nurgle

For Typhus, corrupting the Death Guard was not enough, when Mortarion sculpted his Daemon World in the Eye of Terror to resemble Barbarus, Typhus was sickened, and so he returns again and again to the Mortal realm to sow death and terror and spread the plagues of Nurgle, creating the legend of the traveler, the Herald of Nurgle.

Daemons of Nurgle

Great Unclean One

The Greater Daemons of Nurgle are waddling balls of pus and disease, their flesh bloated as if in death, hideous maggots crawling through their flesh and nurglings capering about them in their wake. The very presence of the Great Unclean one is enough to sow disease and rot all around them and only the hardiest of warriors can stand before such a creature.


The Plaguebearers are the rank and file of Nurgle’s hordes, diseased and bloated creatures with single baleful eyes and hornes sprouting form their heads, their bodies bloated and weeping pus and bile and their ropey intestines hanging from distended guts. Their diseased and corrupted blades mean death for any being even from the smallest of wounds.


The Nurglings of Nurgle are tiny creatures, babies with bloated bodies and wide fanged mouthes, weeping pus and disease they scuttle around their larger brethren, dragging foes down beneath their weight of numbers and spreading the diseases of Nurgle with every vile step they take.



Malal is the “Outcast God” the “Rogue God” he is the fifth Chaos God, but one who has turned against the others. He is dedicated to the destruction of the other Chaos Gods, He is the Lost god, representing Chaos’ will for indiscriminate destruction and death, even against itself. Malal is worshipped by the lower classes who rise up against those above, he uses trickery to achieve his ends. Strangely enough the followers of Malal do not seek the destabilization and destruction of the Imperium, indeed it is often that Malal’s worshippers will be the ones to tip off the followers of the Corpse God as to the location of other Chaos Cults, either through anonymous tips, unsigned notes or carefully orchestrated “accidents.” While the Inquisition does not trust the followers of Malal by any means, they are aware of them and are generally content to let the traitors kill traitors and hopefully wipe each other out while their at it.

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Default Re: The Gods of the Warp: A Concice Introduction

Excellent write up Vash, +1 Karma. I'll also add this to the Important Topics Sticky as well.
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Default Re: The Gods of the Warp: A Concice Introduction

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the cookie! .

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Default Re: The Gods of the Warp: A Concice Introduction

You misspelled concise. :P

So far it's an interesting read. ^^

It was very good. Just a view minor grammar mistakes but otherwise, well worth the read. ^^
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Default Re: The Gods of the Warp: A Concice Introduction

Originally Posted by Vash113
I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the cookie! .
You're welcome. I would also encourage other members to contribute like Vash has, all of our fluff related articles are now out of date (except Vash's,) so there is a window of opportunity to earn some Karma and win the favour of the Chaos Gods!
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Default Re: The Gods of the Warp: A Concise Introduction

A very comprehensive guide, written in a very concise way, easily deserving of your karma. I especially liked the section on Malal. It's obvious that not much is known about him, but this is more than I knew before!
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Default Re: The Gods of the Warp: A Concise Introduction

Nurgle, being arguably my favourite God, is in need of an update... here's a rough draft for the Lord of Flies.

Nurgle is the Lord of Decay, corruption and Rot. However, he is by extension the Lord of all things, for all things must ultimately come to ruin. All cities must crumble, all Empires must fall, all Stars must burn out and die. It is the defiance of this harsh truth, the refusal to accept the futility of life and the inevitability of death, from which Nurgle is made manifest. Nurgle is opposed most strongly to Tzeench, who despises Nurgle's nature. Whereas Tzeench revels in endless, and often pointless schemes and trickery, Nurgle's power comes from simple, inescapable realities; every plot and machination, no matter how grand, will ultimately be rendered irrelevant by time, and forgotten to the rot of history.

Nurgle is portrayed as a kind and beneficient God by his followers, a loving Grandfather who bestows gifts of pox and blight to friend and foe alike. His Daemons mirror this benevolence; Nurglings delight in playful mischief, whilst the Beasts of Nurgle seek only to befriend and play with those they find, feeling only fleeting disappointment when their new-found companion dies to their corrosive touch.
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