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Icon of Tzeentch Vs. Icon of Nurgle
View Poll Results: What do you think is more useful 5 toughness or 5+ invulnerable
Nurgle 13 76.47%
Tzeentch 4 23.53%
Voters: 17. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Icon of Tzeentch Vs. Icon of Nurgle

So guys tell me. What do you think is more useful toughness 5 marines or marines with a 5+ invulnerable?

I've changed the topic title so that other people can understand the question - Anton.
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Default Re: Nurgle vs tzeentch power armoured marines.

Just in general? Take Nurgle. The Invuln isn't that useful across the board, but the T5 will help even against weapons that don't ignore your save.

But Plagueys vs Thousand Sons? AP3 Boltguns are stellar.
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Default Re: Nurgle vs tzeentch power armoured marines.

Originally Posted by Kharvol
So guys tell me. What do you think is more useful toughness 5 marines or marines with a 5+ invulnerable?
It depends more on what army your facing and what mission you're playing than a simple "which is best?" Both the Mark of Nurgle and the Mark of Tzeentch are very potent, and operate in entirely different ways. The Mark of Nurgle is brilliant at weathering many, weak attacks e.g. Lasguns, Bolters... It is also very effective in close combat against Infantry, for example a Space Marine Assault Squad would usually wound on 4's when attacking a Chaos Space Marine Squad, however with the Mark of Nurgle the Assault Marines need to wound on 5's which severely undermines the Assault Marines Combat efficiency and ensures that the chances of suffering casualties at the hands of the Assault Marines is reduced.

But, if the Chaos Space Marines were assaulted by a Wraithlord then the Mark of Nurgle would be for all intents and purposes, useless. This is where the Mark of Tzeentch comes in. Unlike the Mark of Nurgle, which can weather many attacks, the Icon of Tzeentch can increase the survivability of your Squad if they are struck by a high strength weapon, or an AP3 or below weapon or by an enemy combatant who has a high strength or is a monstrous creature. The 5+ Inv. save the Icon of Tzeentch grants to a Chaos Space Marine Squad for example can be a saviour against an assaulting Wraithlord. In combat the Wraithlord can deny armour saves, however with the Mark of Tzeentch you have the ability to prevent this, whilst a 5+ Inv. save isn't great, it's better than nothing. Most high strength attacks will be few in number, which means less dice to roll and a greater chance of passing those Inv. Saves.

You see, no Mark is better than the other, if that was the case everyone would (understandably) take the better Mark over the others. The Marks of Chaos all fulfill separate roles, and help bolster your unit/characters role on the battlefield, which is one of the features that makes the Chaos Space Marines more than just "Spiky Marines."
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Default Re: Nurgle vs tzeentch power armoured marines.

As my Sons tend to get pasted in CC versus Plague Marines, I'd have to, sadly, vote for the followers of Nurgle. Shooting? My lads rule but have difficulty getting past T5 and "Feel No Pain" :P.


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Default Re: Nurgle vs tzeentch power armoured marines.

If it was just T5 vs Inv 5+ I'd say Nurgle wins every time, but the scenario isn't so simple. FnP is also pretty good, probably as good as a 5+ Invo in most situations. But then, AP3 bolters and a sorceror to lead them... again, the scales will tilt depending on who they're matched up against.

Personally I prefer Nurgle to Tzeentch, but I'm a Khorne-boy at heart... life's so much simpler.
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Default Re: Nurgle vs tzeentch power armoured marines.

As a Thousand Sons devotee, I really want to vote for the changer of ways. But I can't in all honesty. Nurgle Marked marines are better than Tzeentch Marked marines. And in my opinion, Plague Marines are better in almost all areas than Thousand Sons marines (although it is a much closer call).
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Default Re: Nurgle vs tzeentch power armoured marines.

As a general choice in an army with lots of infantry, Nurgle. The fact is that anything that can pierce Power Armour is not going to be fielded in droves so I wouldn't worry about dying plague marines.

However, the weapons that CAN be fielded on mass will never be allow you to reap the benefits of the MoT but MoN will allow your marines to chuckle silently as they advance slowly into the volleys of PulseRifles/Lasguns/Bolters/GaussFlayers.

However, that is not to say that MoT is worthless. On a squad which you plan on facing a MC, it is far superior to MoN. The invulnerable save will show how The Changer of The Ways has blessed your troops by allowing them to continue to fight against Carnifexes/Dreadnoughts/ DaemonPrinces/etc. Especially if you've buried a Powerfist in their.

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