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tzeentch Lord Question and Daemone weapon question.
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Default tzeentch Lord Question and Daemone weapon question.

if a lord rolls a one on a daemon weapon he suffers a wound with no amour save. does this count the invulnerable save he gets if i give him mark of tzeentch?
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Default Re: tzeentch Lord Question and Daemone weapon question.

You always get an invunerable save unless specified so yes, you do get it. I imagine that if the daemon ever gets a bit over excited your patron god tells it to sit, which is what the save represents as it is the protection if your god after all
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Default Re: tzeentch Lord Question and Daemone weapon question.

Next time <<Majonga>> if you have a simple rules question, instead of creating a topic here, ask on the FAQ sticked at the top of the page, this reduces the amount of non essential posting and eases my workload. However, Hadhfang is correct in that you do receive an invulnerable save against a rebelling Daemon Weapon, as the Codex states that only armour saves are ignored.

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