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Traitor Marines
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Default Traitor Marines

I am curious about the build of Traitor Marines. Here's a list of Renegade Chapters; of these, a large number are not Chaos-associated but are simply renegade.

If you were going to build a traitor chapter, would you use an irregular geneseed from Codex: Space Marines or Codex: Chaos Space Marines?
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Default Re: Traitor Marines

well I have space wolves who believe that the emperor failed mankind, and now believe that Russ should rule.

I looked at soul drinkers, I'd probably use chaos rules, but say upgrades are training (they are close range fire-fighters, so making them thousand sons with slight conversions). The chapter master would be an awesome daemon prince, having talons and spider legs!
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Default Re: Traitor Marines

Better use the Codex: Space Marine. They're renegades right? But does not bow before Chaos also? Then use Codex: Space Marine.

To make it a bit fluffy. Forget about putting specialize in your list that includes:

- Dreadnought
- Predators
- Vindicators
- Landspeeder

A Rhino and some bikes should be OK.
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Default Re: Traitor Marines

My chapter is a salamander's successor chapter, who fell to chaos for very complicated reasons. they aren't your typical "Lol, Slaughter Plague lust change KILL" marines, because i see the way that many of the chaos chapters portrayed is haphazard and unplanned, while one of my chapter's original rules (from when they were loyalist) is "Be Prepared, Be Organized, Be Ready to strike." They are followers of nurgle now. The Consuls of Pyros. Currently my battle company is 2nd company, but i would love to make a model for each of the 10 captains. Currently i have 8th company captain, and i'm modelling 2nd company captain right now.
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