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500 Point Battle Report: Death Guard vs. Blood Angels
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Default 500 Point Battle Report: Death Guard vs. Blood Angels

okay, so here's my Battle Report from last night, my buddy and I had his first ever game, He was Proxying Blood angels, i was using my "Faux" Death Guard. It was a 500 point game, using the combat patrol mission, and the combat patrol rules (minus the one about no more than 2 wounds):

The lists were as follows:


Mark of Nurgle
Daemon Weapon
total cost: 180


Plague Marine Squad of 5 men
1x Meltagun
Champion with Power-fist
Total Cost: 165

Plague Marine Squad of 5 men
Champion with power-fist
Total Cost: 155

Total: 500



Power Weapon
Jump Pack
Cost: 135

Death Company
2 free men
1 additional
Jump Packs
cost: 45


Assault Squad of 5 men (sarge included)
Sarge with Power Fist
Cost: 165

Tactical Squad of 5 men (sarge included)
Plasma Gun
Sarge with Power Fist
Cost: 155

Our Board looked like this:
3' x 4', deploying on long table edges (i know, small and in your face game)

and after deployment, it looked like this:

We rolled for First turn, and I won:

Top of the First:
Movement: My chaos lord sped up the left side of the board, to within assault range of his tactical squad, Both Plague marine squads moved forwards out into the open, hoping to shoot.

Shooting: Both of my Plague squads were too far away to rapid fire, so they sat unused. Chaos lord fired his bolt pistol at the Tac squad and missed.

Assault: Chaos lord assaulted the tactical Squad, rolled 5 extra daemon weapon attacks, and ended up massacring the tactical squad (they didn't even get to fight back!) and consolidating into combat with the captain.

After the turn, the board looked like this:

Summary of Casualties:
5 Tactical Squad Marines

Bottom of the First:

Movement: he moved Both Jump packing squads towards my infantry (Oh shit oh shit, death company scare me to death)

Shooting: Bolt pistols really don't do anything, do they? both squads failed to deal any damage with their pistols (i had to make one armour save)

Assault: Death company assaulted my one squad, and sliced through 2 of my plague marines like they were butter. Bloody Rending. My Power Fist managed to Liquify all three of his Death company (oh so lucky!). His Assault squad did nothing with their regular attacks, and my plague marines did the same. my power fist killed 2 assault marines, his power-fist killed one of mine. In the HQ battle, his captain failed to wound at all (I LOVE having toughness 6) while my daemon prince wounded once but his Iron Halo saved him.

After the turn, the board looked like this:

Summary of Casualties
2 Assault marines
3 plague marines
3 Death Company Marines

Top of the Second:

Movement: The Squad who dealt with the Death company moves closer to assault the Assault marines.

Shooting: N/A

Assault: Plague marine squad two joins the combat. Between my 2 power fists, i manage to Paste all of his assault marines, but he took out 2 of my plague marines. Consolidated towards the HQ's Combat. HQ fight Results: the Captain Managed to Deal one wound with with his power-sword, and my invulnurable save was failed. i Wounded him twice, but one was saved.

The board looked like this afterwards:

Summary of Casualties:

3 Assault marines
2 Plague marines
1 wound from each HQ

Bottom of the Second:
Movement: N/A

Shooting: N/A

Assault: HQ fight is the only thing going on. he manages to wound once, but i save against it. i deal four wounds, of which he saves two. the last two manage to kill his captain.

The board looked like this afterwards:

Final Decision: Crushing Victory for the Death Guard!

My thoughts: This was his first game, so i'm proud of his performance. this was me trying to hook him into the game enough to become a longstanding opponent (he'll be one of my roommates next year) and at the end of the game, he suggested that we make this a "Thursday night tradition of warhammer and beer" and so i think i managed. on the army lists: my army list was solid, and i love having toughness six on my lord, it makes him quite hardy against everything but power-fists. For his list, i would have recommended more assault troops, they seemed to fare better than his tactical squad. i fear that this victory was mostly luck for me anyways, my dice rolls were quite good, while his were not so fantastic. i'll give you guys another battle report the next time we have a game!

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Default Re: 500 Point Battle Report: Death Guard vs. Blood Angels


Not just a win, but a gracious win at that. I'm happy to hear that you have brought a new player into the fold. Now really challange yourself: Get him to start an account here on TO so that Spiritbw and Vash113 can help whip his army into shap, and forge a counter-Deathguard Strategem... >
It looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing, and for the detailed MS Paint diagrams.

+1 KArma for enriching the forums, and bringing in new blood to our beloved Game,
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