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Renegade Militia
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Renegade Militia

i don't play Chaos but i have been lookin in to the Militia from the imperial armour 5book. Does anyone have this army and if so how does it play?
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Default Re: Renegade Militia


http://forum.blpublishing.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4867 (apparently, recommendations for making "scum")

but so far from what I see, its mostly numbers, perhaps on the same lines as this.

"The Death Korps are fearless warriors, never flinching even in the face of sudden death, which they see as atonement for the rebellion. They see their deaths fighting in war as penance for the heresy of their ancestors. They are dedicated trench and siege warfare masters, and often use battalions of Death Riders, a local form of Rough Riders, which are used widely in the Imperium for flash attacks. However, the Death Riders do not ride normal steeds (as their battle brothers); rather, the Death Riders use either heavily "re-built" steeds with metal implants to increase their endurance in battle, or a totally robotic steed.

Appearance-wise, the Death Korps are similar to the Steel Legion, but wear greatcoats instead of trench coats, much darker colours, use lasrifles and the masks of their grenadiers bear a skull motif. Of all the regiments of the Guard, they are the most gloomy and dark, both in appearance and in spirit. It should be noted that the regiment uses German words such as Panzer frequently. Krieg is the German word for war.

Forge World has designed and released infantry and vehicle models for the Death Korps."
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Default Re: Renegade Militia

J Money,

Welcome to the Chaos Boards here in sunny Tau Online. I will be your co-host along with the esteemed Cadaver. In you need anything, please feel free to PM one of us.
The good news is that we have an excellent membership here that loves to discuss all of the latest and greatest releases for our beloved game. The better news is that TauOnline himself, in his infinite wisdom has equipped us with a fantastic search algorythm for dredging all kinds of info from this most excellent of forums.
What you seek has been well reviewed by several people. By putting "renegade" and "IA5" into our forums search function I was quickly able to uncover IA5 Renegade List, and I've got my copy of IA5!

I hope this helps,
See you around the forums,
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