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an Idea for everyone
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Default an Idea for everyone

I was thinking that for a Thousand Sons army a player could use Tomb Kings as Lesser Daemons and either Carrions or Bone giants for Daemon princes and Greater Daemons.

I just wanted to get the Idea out there as I have never seen this done before


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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: an Idea for everyone

it would be cool to convert an ushabti into a demonprince (might be wrong size though).
i think one would need some kind of helmet to hide the jackal skull-face, and somehow make his armor look more futuristic.
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Default Re: an Idea for everyone

Yeah that would be cool with some conversion work.
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Default Re: an Idea for everyone

i have thought of this idea before but i don't use thousand sons but if i did i would defiantly do it and with the new demon Dex coming out who knows maybe people will try this it is a great idea
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Default Re: an Idea for everyone


Definitely a good idea. I have to side with Blimpo though, until I see what the new Codex: Daemons looks like I'd hold off. They seem to be bringing back a lot of oldies but goodies. (Like the Fiend of SLannesh!)
Meantime the TKs would make fine "Generic Daemons".

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