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Funny picture from last battle
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Default Funny picture from last battle

During Saturday's battle against my arch-nemesis' Eldar army a rather funny photo op occurred. I think the mission was "Hold at all costs"-at any rate the objective was to have the closest squad to an agreed upon point at the center of the battlefield at the end of the last turn. In the earlier rounds my Daemon Prince and Greater Daemon had ravaged the Eldar ranks before he managed to take them down. Leaving him with two Dark Reapers and three Warp Spiders.

I had two normal CSM squads of 8 and nine with champs and a plasma gun thrown in. Plus a Havoc squad at the rear. But I found myself in an odd position, I had nothing close enough to challenge the reapers and my opponent could still jump in and steal the objective. So, I decided to emphatically prevent that by rolling for difficult terrain and marching my boys onto the objective in mass. Both CSM squads that is.

The result looked like a posed photo op or some demented game of King of the Hill. Like my marines were on Holiday somewhere and posed for a group photo on a downed Dark Angel's Valkyrie they just happened upon. I thought it was funny enough to punish you people with it

-Oh, my apologies, the photo is a bit blurry-it was my wife's camera and I forgot the auto-focus. The agreed upon objective was the dome behind the Valkyrie's cockpit, which my champ is standing on!

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Default Re: Funny picture from last battle

lol very funny!

Sargent: HA! THATS right fools! i have the top now! step back, ive gotta powerfist!!

CSM's: HE strikes last!! GET IM'!
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