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Need Help starting an Army
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Need Help starting an Army

Hey guys i am very new to Warhammer and I want to start a new Nurgle army. I need your advice on what to buy since i have no clue what I am doing at this point. I only have $250 so your insight is much appreciated. Thank you.
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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

First off, you'll want a Chaos space marine codex. Just in case you're not sure, a codex is a book with all the special rules and choices you can have for your army. You can get one of these from any Games workshop, or hobby store that stocks Warhammer. Read through your codex and decide if ask yourself if you really want this army, because you dont want to watse a lot of money on something your not going to like.

Once you have decided on your army, you will need models. Generally, for a basic army you need a HQ unit, and 2 Troop units. For a Nurgle army, this would be a Chaos lord/ or sorcerer, and 2 Units of plague marines. You will also need paints. There are a whole range of ways to paint Plague marines, so look around the net/ ask at your local Games Workshop for different ways to paint them. Generally, they are green and dark silver (I use Camo green, and Boltgun metal), but you can paint them in death guard colors which would be something like yucky orange and green After that, you have a battle ready force, prepared for battle! Also, if you haven't already, buy the rulebook. This is vitally important for learning the rules, and getting to know what to do in your first game

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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

Do you have the codex already? If not buy that first. Then take a look through the codex and see what kind of units you look. You said Nurgle so your main troops will probably be Plague Marines. I'm currently assembling my own Nurgle army so I'll list what I'm using.

Chaos Sorcerer, MoN, Doombolt
Daemon Prince, MoN, Warptime, Wings
4 Squads of Plague marines mounted in rhinos
Vindicator Tank
2 Squads of 2 obliterators

That army is 1750 points big. You'll probably want to start smaller. Choose your HQ and 2 troops and go from there.
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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

Yes i have the codex but i haven't read it throughly yet
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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

ok this is what I would suggest with 250$
first buy
1 box of Plague Marines and 1 Regualar CSM box 70 dollars
Rhino 30$
Chaos Lord 15$
Greenstuff 10$
Camo Green, Boltgun,rotting flesh, Skull white, Chaos Black 15$

use greenstuff to make Regular marine plague marines

then you have a lord
17 Marines
and a Rhino

500 points

Lord with Power fist mark of nurgle and meltabombs 140 points

7 Plague marines with Rhino 2 Meltas 216 points

5 Plague Marines on foot with 2 Plasma Guns 145

next you will buy another Rhino 30$
a Daemon prince 35$
and another box of Plague marines 35$

giving you
24 Marines
2 Rhinos
1 Lord
1 Daemon prince

a 1000 points

Chaos Lord 140 points
Power Fist, Melta Bombs, Mark of Nurgle

Daemon Prince 155 points
Mark of Nurgle Warp time

7 Plague marines 256 points
with Rhino 2 Meltas Champion with power fist

7 Plague marines 256 points
with Rhino 2 Meltas Champion with power fist

7 Plague Marines 231 points
on foot with 2 Plasma Guns Champion Power fist

for 240$

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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

I know this guy personally and when he says he new I know he is NEW! I got this guy into the hobby! He has yet to have seen the codex or rule book but that shall change today!
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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

Well for a start WELLCOME TO THE DARK SIDE ;D well to start you may want to buy the chaos army deal this will give you a range of marines and elite troops then may grab the chaos codex as you have to have it and for support get 3 obliterators, this is a good core army for which to start from.
But i think you get the codex and have a read thought it then decide where you want to go from there and what you want to buy. >
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Default Re: Need Help starting an Army

First thing's first, read the codex. Once you have familiarized yourself with all the options available to you and you have an idea of what you want to include then you can get to actually buying models. It may not sound like as much fun at first as I'm sure you want to get straight to building the models but having a solid idea of what kind of list you want will save you time in the long run.

Ok, so now the second step is purchasing the army. You've got a good amount to start with and can probably build a decent sized army if you shop smart and take advantage of some of the online discount stores. Most online retailer offer around a 20% discount off retail. I'll only vouch for sites I use and can testify to their legitimacy and reliability. I most use TheWarstore.com which offers a 20% discount on all GW products, the only inconvenience with this site is there's no shopping cart for GW products and you have to call in to place an order. The process is simple but I prefer having carts to keep a running total of my items. Still it's minor inconvenience and they are probably the most popular site in the US. The other I use alot is ChaosOrcsuperstore.com. They offer a 25% discount off retail but they have a smaller inventory so you may not find all the items you want from them. They do however have discontinued models and sets, Apocalypse sets and Direct Order Only items at various times available at their discount as well. They have a shopping cart feature and although their shipping is a bit more than WarStore they ship quicker.

If you want to get the most for your money, and who doesn't, you should check out those sites assuming you're in the US but there are similar sites worldwide however I'm not familiar with many of those companies' names or their reliability.

Now as people have said you should start with the core of your force. 1 HQ and two troops. I would get a Terminator Lord box and two boxes of Plague marines. The terminator lord isn't the most effective of the HQ choices but you can build the model to be a Lord or a Sorcerer and is really just a great model. I would reccomend the Daemon Prince as well but that model is most effetive when equipped with wings which would require you converting the model with bits from another model. While this isn't a very extensive process it can still be a bit daunting for a new player and modeler so you may want to hold off until you've gotten some experience with basic assembly under your belt before trying to convert models. If you feel up to it though stop by the Hobby board and there's plenty of people who can offer suggestions guides, etc. to help you build whatever you want.

After the initial HQ and 2 Troops choices, it's really up to how you want to play and also what you think looks cool. I could list any number of nurgle themed armies but having a little more information on how you want the force to play would help. Do you like the idea of slower moving and tons of weapons or maybe fast moving and close combat oriented, or maybe a mix of both? The new codex allows for many different play styles, so give it a read and then let us know what you liked the best and from there a solid list that fits you budget can be made for you.
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