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Demon Princes and table quarters ?
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Default Demon Princes and table quarters ?

Hey guys.

Another question.

Can a demon prince capture table quarters, i didn't think so but my friend begs to differ.

Independent characters obviously can't, but this is were the problem came from.
Is the demon prince counted as an I.C or non-vehicle unit, because also being a monstrous creature it counts as ten models.

Give us your thoughts.

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Default Re: Demon Princes and table quarters ?

Your friend is right. A Daemon Prince can take table quarters, as it is a Monstrous Creature, not an Independent Character.

When it comes to VP and the likes, it counts as a non-vehicle unit and it captures table quarters like any other monstrous creature.
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Default Re: Demon Princes and table quarters ?


Just as our man Vyper just put it.

In the old codex, the Daemon Prince could not as he was not a scoring model. But in the new codex, the Daemon Prince is no longer an independent character and instead simply a monstrous creature, thus a scoring model who can capture quarters, objectives, and all that. A very good thing in our favor as they are no longer empty points, but instead, great points of scoring goodness.

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