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Any fluff to missing units?
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Default Any fluff to missing units?

I'm not complaining that Chaos has a lack of units, as it may seem in the title, but i was wondering if anyone knows any fluff as to why Chaos don't have Whirlwinds, Land speeders, Razorbacks, Attack bikes,techmarines that haven't mutated into Obliterators, and snipers/scouts. Is there a reason that none of these turned during the Horus Heresy? If you dont know of any, please feel free to write your own reasons

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Default Re: Any fluff to missing units?

Whirlwinds, Land Speeders, Razorbacks and Attack bikes and the scout companies weren't properly instated until after the Heresy. That's why.

(Note: That may not be the reason for all those things, but I know it is for the majority of the things that SM have and CSM don't.)
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Default Re: Any fluff to missing units?

imagining it as this.

boys and girls, we have with us the chaos space marines, not to be confused with the regular marines!

<random person in the audience>

arent chaos space marines just like the space marines?

"no, no, billy. This is much more improved. They have daemonic predator tanks, and CREEPY RHINOS, and They have the GIGANTIC LAND RAIDER.

isnt that the same?

"no, no, billy, because if that wasnt enough for you, we have chaos space marines, you know the ones that shoot bolters? now they can have close combat weapons, and a pistol too!

like true grit...

"but this is super grit! and if that wasn't enough for you, we have marines dedicated to close combat, shooting, and even ones that make you go peww!

like space marines....

"your missing the point billy, now chaos has new and improved daemons! <shakes a lamp at billy.>

so something more useless then the scouts?


and what about the whirlwinds? where are the whirlwinds? surely some chaos space marines took some?

"then it wouldn't be a chaos space marine army then billy.."

<Billy looks at his space marine army. THen throws it on the ground, to pick up an eldar army.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Any fluff to missing units?

Many space marine weapons and vehicles such as storm bolters, Crusaders, and the units you mentioned are unavailable to Chaos Space Marines because they were not invented until after the Heresy and Chaos has not been able to secure enough of them to reach mainstream Chaos armies and they have not been able to reproduce them.

Anyway, for balance reasons, it would be unfair for Chaos to have all the options of the Space Marines and keep thier deamonic troops.

I guess if you played Apocalypse you could use the Space Marine army list to represent a renegade Chapter that has recently rebeled
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Any fluff to missing units?

Yeah, the reason is basically for game balance. Of course, Marines did apparently have Land Speeders during the Heresy, so they made some excuse about "they're too hard to maintain". And as for scouts/techmarines? There is no reason in hell they can give me to say why we don't have those. I mean, why can't we get a cultist unit instead of scouts, with options similiar to scouts, to keep the designers happy? They all have laspistol+ccw, but can all take sniper rifles, etc. That way, cult armies can have their hordes of cultists, and the more militaristic/disciplined Legions/Chapters can take scouts.
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