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Night Lords Questions
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Night Lords Questions

Howdy, I've recently started a night lords army and I was wondering, is there any benefit to being a night lord anymore? I mean in the old dex they could have extra fast attack slots and night vision but now do we get any of that or am I just the same as any other regular undivided force?

Also.... i've studied lots of Night Lords lists and topics.... and I've noticed no-one seems to take a defiler.... is it unfluffy or is it just that most think it's not worth it? I want to field one, I would have thought it would tied in well with the night lords battle tactic of overwhelming an opponent....... I figured a Defiler would fit that job quite nicely no?

~ Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes ~
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Default Re: Night Lords Questions

It's definately still Night Lordish if you max out on Raptors and Bikes, Lords with Jet=packs/wings, and Infiltrating Chosen.

The thing with the new Dex is that it lets you still play a fluffy force without unbalancing it with a bunch of special rules.

On Defilers, I don't really think they seem fluffy, because Night Lords don't seem to like daemons, and big armoured robot tanks don't seem like their kind of stuff.

But it's really up to you.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Night Lords Questions

Defilers would be fluffy in a Night Lord list, as they have ordnance, which is quite fitting for Night Lords, obliterating those Guardsmen in their trenches. The only problem is that it uses daemons, but you can state that the daemon is bound against its will, rather than summoned, if you go with the "Puritan" type army, and if you're a "Radical", then the problem's gone, as they do use Chaos as a tool, utilising daemons fully, just not dedicated daemons.
But yes, a "true" Night Lord army plays no different to a Black Legion army now, really. Raptors/bikes were never our defining trait, background-wise, fear was. Now that you can't use that properly, just take whatever you want, but just don't take Cult Units, and not many daemons, preferably 0-1 Lesser packs.
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