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Icon Bearer
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Default Icon Bearer

I was sitting down to remodel my aspiring champions to be icon bearers and actually hold the icon of Khorne when I realized if this guy gets killed for any reason, that's 85pts down the drain in one go and the unit becomes quite considerablely weaker. Maybe I should model it on someone else so either dying won't be such a big blow to the unit.

So my question was based on your experiences, is it safe to assume that most of the time the champion will be the last man standing and so the best choice to hold the icon, or are there too many ways (Or one very common way)for him to get himself killed out of the squad?

Also, none of my champions hold plasma weaponary so that's not an issue for me but it might be something to keep in mind for other people.
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Default Re: Icon Bearer

modeling it on another marine...is usually the best ticket.

your icon bearer, and aspiring champion should be the last two you take out.
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Default Re: Icon Bearer

Usually you should be able to protect your Aspiring Champion as well as any other model in the unit. The main ways in which he could be killed before the rest of the unit are: In the shooting phase, the enemy can draw LOS to the aspiring champion only, or only on a couple of models of which the aspiring champion is one, the rest of the unit being obscured for some reason; he is killed in close combat because you have him in the 'front-line', swinging his fist/sword around; he uses plasma weaponry, and dies from 'gets hot'.

Except in the case of having a plasma pistol, I'd expect my champion to be the last survivor. The case of dying from enemy shooting is fairly rare, and you control the units formation from the end of your previous turn, so you can minimise that possibility (unless you're facing Lash Sorcerer). Dying in close combat before the rest of the unit should also be pretty rare, unless you're facing CC specialists, harlequins with kisses, genestealers, death company, etc.

So, I think putting your icon on an aspiring champion is usually the shrewdest thing to do. On the other hand, I don't think it's cool for the best man in your squad to be the one who lugs around a giant pole. Hence I give my Icons to special weapons carriers. Unless they're carrying plasma.
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Default Re: Icon Bearer

I would say pretty much the only thing that can specifically target models in a unit is a Farseer with mind war and the Vindicare assassin, so unless your facing Eldar Farseer or Imperial players who always take the sniper assassin, then your pretty safe. (I also think Maugan Ra can do it took, but I'm probably just blowing smoke and got my wires crossed - and I have no codex nearby to check on that one).
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Default Re: Icon Bearer

I'd say the only time not to have your champ also carry the icon is when you are also running a greater daemon. You never know where you'll need the GD so giving the icon to someone else is probably a good idea.

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