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Rhinos for big squads
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Default Rhinos for big squads

The way I was reading the codex it seems to imply that most units of infantry (except for berzerkers) can have a dedicated rhino EVEN IF they are to large to actually board the vehicle. Seems a bit abusable if for every footslogging unit you have you can also buy a manouverable piece of cover for 35pts more... :-\

Would you feel right using this possible oversight by Games Workshop to gain what could be a pretty decent advantage? (At least it would be a decent advantage among my gaming group)

And if it isn't an oversight, why restrict it with berzerkers and berzerkers alone?
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Default Re: Rhinos for big squads

I think's probably a typo, and I'd say you probably shouldn't abuse it.
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Default Re: Rhinos for big squads

I don't think it's especially abusable. Everyone knows that that may as well be the only use of rhinos since their armour is so shit. And their cost is not really that cheap, considering that they are only maneuverable until someone points an autocannon (or better) at them.

But I never noticed the caveat with respect to berzerkers. I doubt it's a mere typo. Obviously the writers felt that the rhino shield was only potentially abusable in the case our close combat specialists. I still don't see it though. I'd sooner go for the rhino rush approach anyway.
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Default Re: Rhinos for big squads

You know... If by some miracle the Rhino actually survived until the squad had been riddled down to 8, you could use it to retreat.
- Or a tactical re-deployment.
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Default Re: Rhinos for big squads

So your saying that korne berzerkers can't be transported in a rhino?
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Default Re: Rhinos for big squads

Well if a ten man DA/BA squad cna have a razorback why can't 20 man CSM squads have rhino's?

As to the zerkers I think it's a typo, doesn't make sense to disallow them a rhino if over ten men
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Default Re: Rhinos for big squads

A ten-man Dark Angels or Blood Angels unit can buy a Razorback, but they can not actually embark if they exceed its transport capacity (i.e., if they are not split into combat squads). My guess is that the Berzerkers are the only unit in the new Chaos codex that doesn't have a typo with regard to the Rhino. Since there is no option to break up the 20-man unit, there is no reason for them to take a 10-man transport. It might make a nice mobile wall, but that is not how Dedicated Transports have been written in the past.

In practice, I think you are stuck playing this one with Rules as Written.
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