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Plague Marine rules question
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Default Plague Marine rules question

Okay, in the Plague Marine box comes 7 marines, 5 with Bolters and Close Combat Weapons, 1 with a Plasma gun and a Aspiriing Champion with a Bolter and apparently a Power Sword. I looked in the codex and in the their wargear they each have a Bolter, CCW and Bolt Pistol. How does this work? I thought Bolters were 2 Handed Weapons, and how can the Aspiring Champion have a Bolter AND a Power Weapon?
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Default Re: Plague Marine rules question

Gosh...sure hope someone replies with an answer soon... :

Kinda of urgent I suppose, but mostly because I need this resolved tonight considering I have a match tomorrow at noon. :'(
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Default Re: Plague Marine rules question

The Bolters are two handed weapons, and the Plague marines do have Bolter, CCW and Bolt Pistol.
(You can say that the Pistol and CCW are on the Marines belt or something)

You can use either the Bolter or the CCW and Bolt Pistol during your turn, but not both on the same turn.

(For example, you can use the bolter to fire on an enemy unit during 1 turn, and then switch to the Bolt Pistol and CCW to assault on your next.)
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Default Re: Plague Marine rules question

Well the reason the box comes with the bolters is because in the old codex plague marines came with the true grit special rule. So they could have a bolter and a sword with that gone in the new codex, it's a bit redundent but still looks cool.

Cheers Steve

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Default Re: Plague Marine rules question

They are simultaneously equipped with both the bolters and pistols. They have a choice fo what to use in the shooting phase. You should only be using the pistols when you are going to assault though.
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