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How would you?
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Default How would you?

How would you model a slaanesh deamon prince?

I cannot seem to find a suitable way.... and if I cant find a way i'll either just have to use the B'elakor model or the khorne prince painted pink........ (which would really tick off the khorne players at my store.... flowers for the flower throne )

However I really dont want to do that because I want a more unique model.... Please help...
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Default Re: How would you?

You could always go female, in which case there are plenty of suitable models in the Inquisitor range. Maybe bits order a KoS head and use it on the daemon prince model. B'elakor would work well too. The standard 40k daemon prince is Khorne specific either so if you just want to use that, go for it.
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Default Re: How would you?

There&#39;s a guy at my gamestore who has a pair of slaaneshi daemon princesses. I know that at least one of them uses St. Celestine as the starting model, but she has these big daemonic looking wings and a large 60mm base. I can&#39;t remember what the other one is though... So there&#39;s an idea for you.
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Default Re: How would you?

check out the death cult assassin from the Inquisitor range.


just add some extra arms and/or wings and you&#39;ve got a demon princess
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Default Re: How would you?

if you want to splash out go for the forge world slanesh gd!
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