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Thousand Sons Commanders - What's the standard load-out of your Terminators?
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Default Thousand Sons Commanders - What's the standard load-out of your Terminators?

With my gaming group getting into Apocalypse, I've been able to add a second squad of Termies to my ranks. These lads will be "heavier" than the first squad, with more Pfists and chainfists, as well as the Autocannon. The first squad was mainly anti-infantry, with power weapons and a heavy flamer.

Which led me to wonder: What do other Thousand Sons commanders arm their termies with?


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Default Re: Thousand Sons Commanders - What's the standard load-out of your Terminators?

Thousand Sons are weak against hordes, Orks or Nids for example, who don't care about invulnerable saves or AP3 bolters. I use my terminators to address this. In particular, the heavy flamer is an absolute steal at that price. I usually run the following configurations:

Deep Strike:
3 Terminators, 1 w/Heavy Flamer, 2 w/combi-weapons (usually meltas if there's no one to flame)


6 Terminators, 1 w/Reaper autocannon, 5 w/combi-plasma, Mark of Tzeentch. These guys are anti-vehicle, anti-skimmer in particular.

I've never used a Land Raider with my Ksons, mine are all done up in undivided colors for my LR blitz army. I'd probably just throw a couple of lightning claws in there along with one or two fists.
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