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Towards a decent Word Bearers army in the new 'Dex
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Default Towards a decent Word Bearers army in the new 'Dex

Last night gave the new army structure a whirl, played Blood Angels:

- Sorcerer, Doombolt, Plasma pistol, Wings
- 5 x Terminators
- 2 x Chosen squads of 6, Missiles, Plasma
- 2 x Infantry squads of 8, Plasma
- 2 x Raptor squads of 5, 2 Plasma pistole each
- 2 x Obliterator squads of 2
- 1 x Defiler

Army worked better than my previous manifestations, gave a reasonable account of itself - some highlights:

- Defiler getting a pie plate on the Death Company, 3 down in one turn - sadly missed everything rest of game

- Chosen infiltrating, getting up close and personal with decent heavy weaponry made points back in vehicles destroyed and then were up for h2h.

- 2 units of Raptors expands tactical options on a table.

Game was roughly a draw, mutual assured destruction - changes considered are:

- Termies were bog standard, need to tool up - lose a termie to pay for it.
- Ditto the ordinary CSM units need a bit more oomph, though i am moreb tempted to give the h2h oomph to Chosen
- Not overly impressed with Defiler vs Obliterators - a 3rd unit of 2 is on teh cards...

Most disappointed with Chaos Sorcerer (Dark Apostle) for the points, as noted in parallel post the club's view is that the only Chaos HQ worth having is Daemon Prince
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