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Legions and a rainy day
Old 18 Jan 2008, 23:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default Legions and a rainy day

Ok over on warseer there is a thread asking what is so wrong with the chaos dex, and while I've always been a supporter of that you can still play legions (yes even undivided ones) with the new codex, I have never actually tried to do this.

So seeing as my saterday is pretty rainy, I've decided to find all the fluff I can find on the legions (wiki and IA articles mainly) and then get to work on a list for each of these legions, then actually playtest these lists (I have the figures) and hten come back and let you guys know how they went.
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Default Re: Legions and a rainy day

It's simple to do.. and if anyone can't I will slap them and call them naughty names, just because GW doesn't stick the list under their noses and shouts 'HERE IS DA LEGIONZ RULEZ FOLLOW OR DIE'

Example, Nurgle.. units with mark of Nurgle.. and if your that serious on fluff, squads of seven :P

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Legions and a rainy day

Well, to be picky and whiny, its harder to do with some of the Undivided Legions, specifically Night Lords. And please, please don't say just take Raptors, and a Lord with Jump-pack+Lightning Claws. I'm sick of telling people that we are much more than that, and that there has never been anything stating that we use loads of Raptors as our Legion tactics. Our legion tactics are overwhelming force, and terror tactics. Under the old codex we could at least implement the terror part, the only one thats possible to implement really, but we've lost the ability to do that now. Now, we're just Black Legion painted blue with lightning on them, that doesn't take Cult units, at least not outright. I've seen some good conversion ideas for Night Lord Cult-but-not-Cult units.

Still, at least we had the unbalanced old rules taken away from us, where we could force the game to be fought with Night Fighting.
I just wish we had traits or something, but not those cruddy Space Marine traits, we need stuff that actually has a downside, and the downsides being set for the upgrade.
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Default Re: Legions and a rainy day

Yeah I agree, that and night lords wouldn't really fight an actual battle, more prefure to pick on weaker planets.

I do think it's doable, chosen with infiltrate, daemons that are counts as something else and termies DS in. Thats just off the top of my head but feel free to offer input as I'm trying to help legion players rather then sitting in my chair going 'well my slaanesh renegades are fine so why complain' as that doesn't help anyone does it?
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Old 21 Jan 2008, 05:53   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Legions and a rainy day

Oh, I'm not sitting around whinging either. There's work being done on a Night Lords codex on the Night Lords forum.
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