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Unique Themed Armies anyone?
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Default Unique Themed Armies anyone?

Just wondering who out there has a themed up chaos army and what the theme is?

My army is themed around an offshoot of the Brotherhood of Darkness that is half Nurgle, half Khorne.* Their base of operation is found in a large burnt forested area.* My nurgle units have roots instead of tenticales, I use Dryads as my lesser daemons, a Treeman as a Greater daemon, vehicles have trees growing out of them or roots covering them.* I based all of my units with small burnt trees as well.
The Nurgle side of my army is infected with a tree fungus and the khonre side waters the burnt trees with blood and craves glyph into them so they can call forth my Dryad Daemons and my Greater Daemon (treeman).
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Default Re: Unique Themed Armies anyone?

My army is based on Spawn. My LatD army has "Smaller Spawn" as mutants and 'real' spawn as heavies. When I played Chaos Marines, I use as much spawn as I can. They are all in league with the Greater Demon, Grindgobble Witherfume. The Witherfume is a demon of Tzeentch, who is obsessed with turning his mortal followers(or anyone who just happens to be nearby) into spawn, which then in turn join his numberless hued horde. The Dead are combined into more animated hunks of warped flesh. Lots of GS and other techniques are used in the army.
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Default Re: Unique Themed Armies anyone?

My Death Guard Chaos Army is a based upon a fallen-knights image, with the main focus of the entire army being based upon Chaos Bikers. As for the base, I based it upon a ice swamp world.
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Default Re: Unique Themed Armies anyone?

My army is based around viral and bacterial weaponary ive already posted the full thing on another site http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...silver+scarabs
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