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Slaanesh advice.
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Default Slaanesh advice.

Hey all. I am thinking of starting a pure Slaanesh army.

And...really don't know how to organize it. Obviously some noise marines and daemonettes. I was thinking of taking a Chaos sorcerer with the lash of submission.

That's as far as I got. Please some help on how to kit the noise marines and what other units to use Sorry for the broad post. Thanks.
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

Alright, here's what you do.

You're good on the Noise Marines and daemonettes.

Think about Slaanesh. Slaanesh is about complete perfection. And who is more perfect with their weapons than Obliterators? See, you have to go heavy on the horrifying abominations of flesh, and they pretty much fit the bill.

Check out the standard, metal Chaos Raptors. If those things don't look Slaaneshi, I don't know what does. They've got really slick designs and loudspeakers on their shoulders just like Noise Marines anyway, and they're a great Fast Attack choice any way you slice it. They'd look soundly dashing in Emperor's Children colors, I believe. I even made some myself.

What else...oh yeah. Get one of those crazy-looking Sonic Dreadnoughts from Forgeworld. Check this thing out: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/ecsonic.htm It's gonna cost you more than normal, plus you can't actually use sonic weaponry on it anymore, but still. Picture that in your army, maybe striking some kind of mac-daddy pose with a bunch of daemonettes acting all slinky around it.

Also, you're definitely gonna want some Rhinos and some Heavy Support tanks for good measure, too. Predators or Vindicators, whatever fits your style, but you know what Slaanesh would do? Paint them in crazy black-and-neon colors and then paint some borderline-pornographic airplane-nose-art of daemonettes on 'em. And then give them names (spelled out in flowing cursive) like "Licentious Howler" and "Vindictive Strumpet". If you can't draw/paint that sort of thing so well, find someone who can and get 'em to do it. But this is Slaanesh to a T.

You'll also want some Terminators. You're good to go with a few combi-weapons and a couple of good CC choices like Lightning Claws or Power Fists, though if you have the points to spare you could split them up into different squads, one for ranged, one for close, but that's up to you. But what you need here is a Chaos Spawn sprue so you can adorn them with extremely suggestive tentacles. Anything else just wouldn't be right.

Speaking of, you'll want some Chosen for sure, because they're nice as far as getting in some early hits go and also make a nice homing beacon for anyone who's Deep Striking in, be they Terminators or your Daemonettes. But honestly, what I would do here, if you want to make them look really "Chosen" of Slaanesh, hang tight until the plastic daemons come out when they get their new codex. Specifically, the plastic Daemonettes. Once you've got a sprue our two of 'em, take some basic CSM and sit down for some serious conversioning. Because your enemies will never expect a squad of hellspawned seductresses in power armor to come sashaying up to their flanks and proceed to Plasma Gun them to bits.

Also, hey, you know what also works? A Daemon Prince with Lash of Submission. But why not make it a Daemon Princess instead? Or even better: Get Doomrider! He's Slaaneshi, even though he's not in the current rulebook, you can make a pretty close facsimile. Using his model, just say he's a Daemon Prince with wings. Doomrider's bike moved as if it had a jump pack, anyway, so it'd be pretty much accurate, then give him something like Warptime, and you'll actually have a pretty scary guy blazing around the battlefield on his bike like he did back in the day.

Whatever you decide, you represent Slaanesh, and you must remember that everything in your army, no matter how cheap or strictly utilitiarian, must be beautiful.

May all sensation bring you blasphemous bliss, my foul compatriot. Hail Slaanesh!
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

Well to give you an idea of what I'm currently using:

Lord w/ mark of Slaanesh, twin lightning claws, terminator armor

Sorcerer w/ mark of Slaanesh, terminator armor, Lash of Submission

4 Terminators w/ Icon of Slaanesh, all have twin lightning claws
-Land Raider

6 Terminators w/ Icon of Slaanesh, Reaper autocannon, 1 pair of lightning claws, combi-melta

6 Terminators w/ Icon of Slaanesh, Reaper autocannon, 1 pair of lightning claws, power fist

10 marines w/ Icon of Slaanesh, 2 meltaguns, Champion with powerfist

10 marines w/ Icon of Slaanesh, 2 meltaguns, Champion with powerfist

2 Obliterators

2 Obliterators

Comes out to roughly 2000 pts which is what we usually play. Everything in the list is fast* and hard. Though I will admit that I do end up with fewer models than most players as 45 total models is generally on the low side. However this is a blitzkrieg army meant to do a lot of damage fast. I don't worry about getting into close combat with anything but genestealers and dark eldar as I'll go before most other races and simultaneously to the few that are fast enough. I've found marines in particular very fun to play against....

You'll also notice I didn't use any daemons or noise marines. To be honest I don't have either, but even if I did I doubt I would use them. I'm already hurting for points as it is and noise marines just up the total point of my two troop choices, as for the daemons... I will wait to offer up any thoughts about them until the codex daemon comes out.

* I know the two units of terminators not in transport and the obliterators aren't really fast, but the can deepstrike, and with the amount of icons out there they will go where I want. Also this is a stop gap list, I fully intend to remove three terminators and all four of the obliterators when I get two more land raiders.
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

I play Slaanesh and I'd say that you're right about the Noise Marines, sonic weaponry can be devastating. But I'd also say that Daemonettes aren't essential. I'm not a huge fan of the new 'lesser daemons' and I'm waiting for the new dex to come out before I buy or use any.

The sorcerer is another thumbs up, that mean Lash of Submission can be invaluable and has saved me in a few games since I've been using it. Another great Slaaneshi HQ choice would be winged Daemon Princes with Lash. ;D It's never encouraging to see those great big things flying towards you, but when you're being dragged towards them too, it's even worse.

Back to your troops, I reckon that the Noise Marines are pretty expensive, but the fire power they bring to the table is well worth it. I wouldn't recommend taking lots of sonic blasters though, or a champ with a Doom Siren unless you plan to get the unit up close and personal with your opponent. I'd suggest a more 'shooty' approach. Take two small units and give them Blastmasters to bring down enemy infantry, it's great fun against Necrons and SM. :P

For elites, I personally enjoy infiltrating chosen loaded up with either flamers or plasma, depending on who I'm playing. But this isn't really very Slaaneshi. Possibly Slaanesh Termies with lightening claws would be a good choice, although I've never used them I imagine they would work pretty well.

Raptors, I feel, are a great Slaaneshi unit. Not only do they make up for your slow troops, they also look so damn cool. Plus the models have a pretty Slaanesh feel anyway. I'd suggest taking a couple of these to back up the winged DPs.

I don't particularly like taking many tanks and I usually limit myself to just transports, so in my opinion, take two 1-2 man units of obliterators for your heavy support. I believe they're possibly the most efficient ranged unit in the game and more often than not make up their points pretty quickly and easily.

Hope I helped.
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

coming from lots of experiance... take lots of possessed!

players like to represent this act by replacing the model for Lion el'jonson with a bowling ball, and bowling it in a straight line directly towards cypher
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

When exactly is Codex Daemonica coming out? (sorry if I can't spell it) because I really want those plastic daemonettes, also why didn't they release plastic raptors with the chaos codex? Anyway, for a colour scheme you could do neon colours all over with like no black. it'll make your guys look so mad, but they will be a bit harder to paint. Anyway I think that a good name is Lords of Rapture.
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

As far as I know it's being released in May.

And look, we have a Slaaneshi Trinity here
Originally Posted by Kiznti
Originally Posted by Tak'Ukos
Oh God, not that deamnohunters! :P
Who else would fight Choas with Palasma weapons?

Originally Posted by Fish Ead
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

coming from lots of experiance... take lots of possessed!
i dont rate possesed you cant rely ont hem for anything!
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

I think that possessed are overpriced for what they can do, not what they will do. take a sorcerer with a familiar the lash and wind of chaos and also a lord with a blissgiver, the sorcerer can use wind, then the next turn can lash the enemies in to the lord.
We can breathe in space, they just don't want us to escape
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Default Re: Slaanesh advice.

My advice;

Daemon princes are better than sorcerers. Unless you only ever play kill everything games, the fact that the prince is a scoring unit means that it's the win.

Noise marines should be specialized in purpose. Small squads work well with blastmasters only. Sonic blasters and blastmasters work in different ways. You want your sonic blaster marines on the move, laying down fire, while you want your blastmasters stationary, earning the points that blastmaster costs.

Obliterators are generally good.

Terminators work best with twin lightning claws. I make all mine champions too. Reaper Autocannons are a waste of points - terminators are too expensive to hang back firing two S7 shots that don't even ignore marine armour. Heavy flamers work well with the 'up-close&personal' strength of terminators. Also, make sure you have at least one power/chainfist in the unit, for handling big stuff.

Infitrating chosen are pretty cool, and can get a greater daemon pretty close to your opponent. Greater daemons, unlike the lesser variety, are solid.

My current force looks like;

Winged Slaanesh Daemon Prince, Lash.
Winged Slaanesh Daemon Prince, Warptime
Greater Daemon

Chosen of Slaanesh, Lascannon, Meltagun, Powerfist, Champion w/ bolt pistol/ccw, two base chosen

5 Slaanesh terminators in landraider. All Champions. 4x twin-lightning claws, 1x chainfist/heavy flamer.

ten noise marines in rhino, 10 sonic blasters, champion w/ powerfist too
six noise marines in rhino, 5 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster
six noise marines in rhino, 1 blastmaster

Heavy Support
2x obliterator
2x obliterator
eight havoks, 2 heavy bolters, 2 autocannons

(Not all used at the same time necesasrily, but a good selection.)
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