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Thoughts on the Lash
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Default Thoughts on the Lash

So I just read a post that suggested that a player drop the Lord from their list for a Lash Prince. The list was clearly a khorne list, but it was also a tournament list. Now I have yet to use the Lash. I'm resisting because all the cool kids are doing it, it wouldn't fit in with my mostly khorne army (though it's becoming more undivided), and I remember the cries of cheese when it was first announced.

So I guess the purpose of this thread is threefold, why do/don't you use the Lash, how do you use it and why is it always suggested for tournament lists (and often suggested for non tournament lists)?

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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

Lash of submission is really versatile. First if the enemy has slow moving assult troops like assulty termies you can rapid/fire melta them and then move them away with lash of submission out of charge range making them ineffective for their points. This can also be used against carnifexi.
You could also use it to block off enemy access hatches and then kill a transport. > You could use the all powerful lash someone into charge range of raptors. Also late in the game move units away from objectives or off table quarters.
Some of these are cruel uses but you can just mess around and try to make the enemy into shapes and stuff with it if you are bored. You will get your opponent to laugh and have fun.
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

Here's some of the more amusing uses of Lash I've seen.

Lash enemies that you can see one or two of into the open and out of cover

Lash Orks around a vehicle that you were preparing to penn, thereby making sure nobody could get out and possibly catching the in the explosion.

Lash a Fex out of the way so you could shoot all the genestealers clustered up behind the MC wall.

Lash a 20 man guardian unit out of range of the Avatar so it could break.

Lash Necrons out of WBB range of each other/out of Res Orb range.

Lash heavy weapons troops back behind their cover so they have to walk back in/cannot shoot.

Lash a unit into a formation where you can get the powerfist when you charge in.

Lash a unit into formation for a pie plate shot.

Lash a unit forward so that your slow moving troops can cover the midfield fast.

Lash a holy rage unit over by a Land Raider

Lash a unit that is bodyguarding an IC back behind it so the rest of the force can shoot at the IC.

Lash an enemy unit out of your deployment zone/away from the loot counter/out of the middle

There is pretty much limitless uses for the Lash of submission.
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

I don't think I've seen a lash army used at my store yet. I doubt I will use the lash myself as I am adamantly against using Slaanesh marked units in my chaos army.

Lash Princes are always suggested for lists, over lords for a few reasons.
1.Princes are scoring units, lords are not.
2.Flying Princes are nasty-nasty in combat with MoS.
3.Not too expensive Points wise
4.Lash is among the most flexible powers in the game and can be used to compliment anything from getting off charges, to getting the most out of ordinance and blast weapons.

I am sure there are other reasons.

Personally, I still find GoC the most Blingtastic power in the game, but I am the only one I know of who has not played a game with chaos in the past two years without at least ten spawn in their list.
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

One of the most creative uses of Lash that I saw was moving the enemy's bikes through a couple pieces of terrain and forcing multiple difficult terrain checks. This thinned the squad pretty well, even before the shots started flying. People suggest it for the simple fact that given a little thought, Lash can help you out in almost any phase of the game.
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

I have not used lash becuase it doesn't mesh well my HQ's who are mostly combat (I play slaanesh), I do see the appeal in lash however, but I needs those rerolls that warptime gives me so (shrugs)
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

I just have a prince with wings and mark of Nurgle.. does me fine, haven't used the lash power yet, I like my t6..

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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

I look at it this way, one lash isn't game winning. It will help a lot, but it won't win the game by itself. Two lashes, however, are game winning. To control two of your enemies units a turn, or move one unit really far is excessive.

However Slaanesh is the prince/princess of excess, so...

I actually just returned to my chaos army now that the new codex came out (old one was too... easy to manipulate...) and when I saw what lash could do I turned to Slaanesh. However after playing two games using twin lashes (lashi?) I've realized that I would rather win based on tactics and not rely on a specific power. One lash is annoying to the opponent and allows me to also take a terminator lord w/ twin lightning claws and mark of Slaanesh. Still annoying, but you don't have your opponent giving you the evil eye the entire game.
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

I am strictly a Death Guard Player, and thus I do not put anything else in my army. Lash may be powerful but I think it is overrated and i the case of the Daemon Prince, a gamble.

The main reason why a Prince uses lash is to bring the unit close to it before it assaults it to death. If it doesn't bring the unit close enough for an assault, save to say that the prince can potentially be dead.

But saying that, I have seen in my store a really interesting combo of one Prince with Lash of Submission and one Tzeentchian Prince with Warptime and Gifts of Chaos. The prince will bring it close to the two Daemon prince (if possible), then the Tzeentchian one will cast Gifts of Chaos upon the squad, making any hidden powerfists null, before the two princes charged in together for the kill. Works very well.
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Default Re: Thoughts on the Lash

Crisis_Vyper, that tactic is great, but illegal. Gift is used at the start of the psyker's turn, but Lash is used in the shooting phase. So you could Gift and then Lash, but not Lash and then Gift.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who doesn't use Lash, it's just too bad that everyone who doesn't is STRICTLY one god.

Everyone is normal until you get to know them!

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