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Alpha Legion
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Default Alpha Legion

I have a few questions regarding the Alpha legion:

Every SM chapter has a CSM counterpart:

Dark Angels-Fallen
Imperial Fists-Iron Warriors
Blood Angels-World Eaters
White Scars- Night lords

Now, are the Alpha Legion's 'counter-parts' Ultramrines, or possibly the Raven Guard (because of tactics)? This is thinking of possibly what trophies they would wear.

I think the following Apocalypse strategems are good for AL:

Flank march, Sabotage, Jammers, the biological one (can't remember the name).

Is there any way for standard CSMs to take Infiltrate?



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Default Re: Alpha Legion

I'm not sure it is necessarily the case that each Chaos legion has a specific loyalist counterpart.

However, I would say that the Black Legion is the one that matches up most closely with the Ultramarines.
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Default Re: Alpha Legion

Not every Legion has a counterpart. Alpha Legion are constantly conducting raids all of the galaxy so for trophies you could use just about anything and it would make sense.

There isn't a way for normal CSMs to infiltrate in the new codex. However, if you do want a large part of the army to infiltrate you could take two minimum troops choices of 5 marines each with no upgrades. Then take 3 full squads of Chosen and upgrade them how you would for a normal squad, ie. one special and one heavy weapon. The reason I say this is because most people would be understanding of simply trying to make a themed force. If you show up with 3 chosen squads all with 5 plasmas each people aren't going to think themed AL army, they'll be thinking cheesy min troop army.

Now you don't have to take minimum troop squads but three chosen squads can get expensive so I assume you want other things than infantry in your army. If you do have the points though it may be worth it to take Cult marines instead. Small units of Plague marines are very resilient and can be very effective even with small squad sizes. Noise Marines with a MB can provide fire support from a distance for a relatively cheap cost. You could also get rhinos for the CSMs and have them rush up to meet the Chosen squads, providing fire support, possibly mobile cover or simply to claim objectives.
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Default Re: Alpha Legion

The Chaos legions might not have Loyalist counterparts (IE: IWs vs IFs), but they DO tend to have favored enemies, usually denoted by pre-existing fluff, such as the hatred between the Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons. I'd imagine the Alpha Legion would hate the Ultramarines, as it was (supposedly) their primarch who slew Alpharius. Of course, the Alpha Legion would probably tailor their trophies depending on who they were fighting at the time- Just another aspect of their psychological warfare techniques.


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