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new chaos termi lord model
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Default new chaos termi lord model

I like the look of the new chaos terminator lord models, I have a word bearers army and need a hq, i am thinking about using the new model as a chaos sorcerer lord (dark apostle).

I was just wondering about peoples opinions on this, and if they have any suggestions on how i could model him, and so on, thanks.

ps: if you want a can send you a few pics of one of my marines to checkout my color scheme (obviously red and silver).



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Default Re: new chaos termi lord model


The new lord models are excellent for a dark apostle. They come with those big groovy weapons that can be `icons' and make your accursed crozius of sorts. Though as a Sorcerer you can leave him enjoying it as a force weapon and give him a nice psychic power, like a shooting effect such as Doombolt for cheap perhaps, or Wind of Chaos if you plan on deep striking him to a personal icon somewhere on the board safely.

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Default Re: new chaos termi lord model

I've got one in my army and for the points cost he performs really well also it looks like a cool model too. I also have the lord variant and that model is amazing. With a demon weapon up to 17 power weapon attacks on the charge! kk cya round
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Default Re: new chaos termi lord model

I think you should give him his force weapon and a lightning claw, that would be mad, if you give him wind of chaos or doombolt he won't really need a ranged weapon. Lots of spiky bitz too and a little hooded familiar and a nice big cape.
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