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Khorne in the New Codex
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Default Khorne in the New Codex

I feel... somewhat disappointed for some reason. No more chainaxes? well I guess if they de-choppa'd the Orks, then Berserkers are nothing. I don't get anything from sacred number other than a sense of fluff satisfaction. Its nice to not be lead around anymore, but now I gotta go get Rhinos or Land Raiders, otherwise my Berzerkers will NEVER see combat! and now.... I can take Havocs and such to make up long-range destruction, instead of predator and his vehicle pals. True, that seems like a bonus, but it doesn't feel very....Khorn-esque. I also miss the Bloodletters!
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Default Re: Khorne in the New Codex

Everyone's feeling the sting of less rules for special armies. I kinda think it's still better this way--you can keep things 'fluffy' still without having to delve through labyrinthine special rules. Some like 'em, some don't, but I'm kind of a fan of simplicity.

As far as a good Khornate army goes, I seem to have had one nearly fall right into my lap through having acquired several large boxes. It consists of about two dozen berserkers, give or take, a couple of rhinos, a handful of possessed, a dreadnought, some terminators and a daemon weapon-equipped terminator lord, and a small but healthy squad of raptors, made with the winged backpacks from several possessed sprues.

It's a one-trick, random, but pretty fun army. Field this and your opponent will dread the moment you get close enough to charge, and the raptors, terminators, and rhinos help that moment come all the sooner. The possessed, dreadnought, and daemon weapon are wild cards, and can hurt as much as help, but their penchant for unchecked carnage no matter where the die lands feels deliciously Khornate. And for the vehicles, all you pretty much have to do to fluff up those bulky things is figure out how to use the entire accessory sprue! If you do it right, you'll know, because if you try to pick it up too fast when you're done then you'll do some bleeding for the Blood God yourself. > Personally, I'd like to try my hand at Khorning-out a Land Raider or Obliterator. Nothing like a terrifying heap of dessicated flesh and bone on a mobile pile of spikes.

Special rules for it? No, but we're all pretty much gonna have to live with it, so you might as well have fun.
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Default Re: Khorne in the New Codex

The chainaxes special rule was always going to go. They made you able to cut down terminators with ease (just because a chainaxe was a little heavier?) but had no affect on guardsmen etc. It was just a silly rule. You now get in place of this the ability to actually control your troops, so no more chasing a skimmer you cant actually hurt any more. You also get furious charge and a WS increase, meaning that you now hit almost every infantry unit in the game on 3's and when you charge you fight first most of the time! Not too shabby.
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Default Re: Khorne in the New Codex


Khorne lost a bit of edge in melee, due to the chain axes. But in every other regard, gained so much more. The ability to include units that previously you could not use, and have long range weaponry that previously you could not use is a huge helping hand. The fluff is one thing, but there was a reason Khorne was on the bottom of the competitive legion list. They simply lacked most of the tools and abilities needed to compete in 4th edition. They did one thing well and that was combat. The rest was totally up to your opponent and Khorne armies just were not very good at the game (Missions, Scenarios).

Now Khorne can be Khorne and have all it needs to compete in the missions & scenarios. No more silly autopilot and you can actually take tank busting weapons to the board.

The new codex made Khorne a playable and viable army. Before, it was just... well, a chain axe and autopilot models that basically run around and do nothing unless your opponent lets you get into melee.

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Default Re: Khorne in the New Codex

Originally Posted by HailTheRuss
I also miss the Bloodletters!
amen brother. yes the idea that a 20 point model could cut down a terminator with ease was pretty ridiculous also the fact you really couldnt control you berzerkers was just stupid. Games workshop revamped the whole khorne side. Some people cry, some people cheer. I personally like the new changes but thats me
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