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Which Cult Unit do you favour?
View Poll Results: Which Cult Unit do you favour?
Khorne Berzerkers 15 29.41%
Plague Marines 17 33.33%
Noise Marines 9 17.65%
Rubric Marines 10 19.61%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll

Old 10 Nov 2007, 20:15   #11 (permalink)
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

Oh lord, this is a toughy...

I have always loved the Thousand Sons. There's something... fun about them! Hell if I know what.

Then there's the Death Guard. Big, tough, dependable, and now nowhere near as beardy as they used to be. At last, they're my kind of unit again!

Let's not forget Khorne though. I always have a soft spot for Khorne armies. I mean, imagine the briefings...

"Alright men! We go in and Kill 'Em, Main 'Em and Burn 'Em! Got it?"
"Right, Maim Kill Burn."
"No, Kill Maim Burn."
"Burn, Maim, Kill. No problem."
"It's Kill, then Maim, then Burn!"
"Couldn't we just use, oooh, I dunno... tactics?"
*Chainaxe revs. Splattering noise follows."
"Kill. Maim. Burn. Got it?"
"Kill. Maim. Burn."
"Well done."

So, the only one left are the Noise Marines... who never so much as caught my eye. Odd that.
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Old 15 Nov 2007, 17:01   #12 (permalink)
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

i love thousand sons (first marines i ever saw and still coolest that and imperial fists but anyway)
i have fought against and with khornate bezerkers but whats so special about the death guard and the noise marines (you see i do not have codex yet im getting it fer xmas)
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Old 15 Nov 2007, 17:27   #13 (permalink)
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

I will say that I would go with Plague Marines and Noise Marines.

Plague Marines because my army is a Nurgle force, so it is a sin to not include these guys in. Besides, I like them now more than before as they are finally how I envisioned them to be in the game and fluff. And I always like the models,as they are so much more good-looking. My particular model that I like throughout the entire 40k game would be the plague marine with teh gas mask. That model is one of the main reason why I take up Nurgle in the first place (along with conversion and fluff).

Noise Marines (even though I don't play them) because sonic weapons are awesome, both in terms of fluff and in the game.

The other do not really strike a chord in me.
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

Originally Posted by chaos_master
everything but noise marines why is because i think there pansys for painting there armor pink
BLASPHEMY! They're less pansy, they have the guts to go out into the grim warfare of the 41st millenium wearing bright pink! That'd take balls.

My favorite is Noise Marines. When I first saw their name, even, I thought they were awesome. Once I read their fluff, I was amazed. Plus, their rules are great. They can cut down just about anything at medium range, even more so with the new Sonic Weapons. And they can even outfight normal marines in close combat! Very expensive, but very worth it.
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Old 16 Nov 2007, 03:21   #15 (permalink)
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

Khorne Berserkers. I like them for who they are and what they do. The fact that they look awesome doesn't hurt either.
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Old 16 Nov 2007, 11:33   #16 (permalink)
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

well i just love the new berserkers (have not seen the other cults yet) WS 5 and furious charge they make a good cc choice for almost any army, and i am a big fan of cc so the choice fell in natural. also they have just as good BS as any chaos marines. not bad for a cc oriented army which can upgrade a plasma pistol just in case you should engage a veichle.
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Old 17 Nov 2007, 03:15   #17 (permalink)
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

I love Plague Marines and Khorne Bezerkers.

Plague Marines come with rules that I think are great, and I can feel comfortable taking them to the field because of their resilience. With their enhanced Toughness, they're great for a firefight, or to tie up infantry squads, and if you put 'em in a Rhino they can get into the action real quick. Finalize the squad with a Champion w/Power Fist, and maybe a few special weapons for specialized roles and they should do some serious damage.

The new Khorne Bezerkers are really fun too. Mount 'em all up in a Rhino and shoot 'em off towards Skull City. With 4 attacks on the charge with an Inititiave, Strength and Weapon Skill of five, and a decent amount of the guys in your squad, they make a fantastic combat unit. Plus they bring back good memories (one of my friends used to play a Khorne army, and they were one of my favourite armies to play AND watch).
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Default Re: Which Cult Unit do you favour?

Well with the initial hype of the new codex over and the thought of AP3 bolters has passed I have once again become the child of Pappa Nurgle!

Plague Marines have become the backbone of my Choas force! Just a simple unit of 7 guys (purely for fluff :) with two Plasma Guns is all the defense you need at 1kpts, as they can happily just sit arpound and blast things weeker than them, but can also stick it out in CC just aswell! I also believe they have become less restricted now by dropping True Grit, but aren't too overpowered.

Second has to be Khorne. With Possessed being too much of a gamble for some folks (I actually like the new rules) they can become Chaos' new Shock Troops. As said, on the charge they get 4 Attacks at a WS, S & I of 5 not including whatever nasty the Champ has got. Not only that, but everyone can relate to the raving madmen of 40k ;D

Sadly I can't say much on the Noise Marines and Thousand Sons, but AP3 Bolters and a Flamer has got to hurt. I do like the idea of Lethal Guitars though! The Blastmaster is obviously a Bass though>
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When I chose my chaos god I was going to choose khorne but I got sick of always being offense all the time and the whole poison and slow death appeals to me
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