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My Thousand Sons need more Anti-Eldar Tank capability... Suggestions?
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Default My Thousand Sons need more Anti-Eldar Tank capability... Suggestions?

With the Eldar Farseers capable of taking wargear that makes my sorcerers roll LD tests on 3d6 (And add the results... 12+ is a Perils check- Lost a sorcerer that way in today's game), Bolt of Change is no longer a reliable anti-falcon/wave serpent weapon.

What should I add to my force to help gun down those flying monstrosities? I'm leaning towards a Havoc squad, as his Bright Lance vypers will quickly kill most vehicles...


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Default Re: My Thousand Sons need more Anti-Eldar Tank capability... Suggestions?

I would say your best bet is a Havoc squad (or two...) with Autocannons. That should at least keep one of them shaken a turn.
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