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my chaos vs. tau battle
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Default my chaos vs. tau battle

i played against a tau army friday 1200 points. I had three troop squads. Each led by a champion with demonic strength. I then had a deamon prince with demonic aura and armor and toughness and essance and strength and mutation. I had a dread with close combat weapon and a twin-linkined autocannon on it. I had 5 havocs with 1 las 1 missle launcher 1 auto and 1 heavy bolter. I had 2 oblits and 10 raptors.

He had a crisis suit for an HQ ( dont know what those guys are called). It had plasmas and missle pods and other junk on it. Then He had 3 other suits for elites with plasmas and stuff too. A HH with ion blaster thing and sms. He had 2 fire warrior squads, 16 kroot and path finders. 1 squad of fire warriors in fish, pathfinders in fish too. Well He had kroot in forest in middle of map. He went first. He brought his fish close to my lines and put the pathfinders in nearby forest, and did some other stuff too but not important. Well I used Havocs and blew up fish. Charged pathfinders with raptors, killed everything on my first turn.
My plan was to send my dread and deamon prince into forest aqainst Kroot. I moved stuff up and nothing else much happened. His hidden Kroot in forest shot a squad and killed like 3 guys. In the meantime I shot at fire warriors with shot up squad and only killed like 2 because they were in cover. I was moving up my squads of guys, but was getting shot up by the ion blaster thing and the kroot. The board was large. I also shot up the fire warrior squad not in fish with dreads autocannon while trying to get close to the kroot. When I finnaly got into combat with deamon prince and kroot It was taking time with only 4 attacks. So I wanted to get dread in there to help. I wanted thos kroot gone to stop shooting up my squads. While my dread was almost at the edge of the forest, he brought around his suits and Hq guy. He shot it up with plasmas and killed my dread. My raptors had moved over to attack some drones (which I forgot to say before), and I had a squad of guys behind them. They were going to the enemy on other side of the forest from where the dread died. While in forest I killed a lot of Kroot and they fell back out of forest. I overran them but became visible to his HH and suits. So I Deep striked my oblits to take on the HH. They blew all of its weapons to pieces. I was trying to bring those other squads up but it was such a large board that it was taking a lot of time to get there. Well after killing his drones by my raptors I headed tword the other firewarrior squad in fish with them. They had gotton out. But with bad rolls they were shot up and died. So the oblits were pretty much alone. They had to take on the firewarriors from fish, and suits coming tword them. They shot at the elite suits and killed one. They were moving slow so it was hard getting into close combat. But those stupid plasmas and FW weapoons Knocked them out in 2 turns. My havocs had moved up and were shooting at elite suits. Killed another. But befor that they killed my deamon prince, because they moved further back in the assult phase so i couldn't assult. My squad and his FW's from fish had a shootout and it was going about even. We had agreed to play to 6 turns, and at the end he beat me.

So I ask. How to beat them. I want to stay back and wait for him, that way I can Blow him to pieces and then assult cause when I move up, I get in range of hidden Kroot. But I don't wait because He has a HH that shoots at great distances and would kill more than I would in 6 turns. So what do I do next time? Oh and he says he is going to use some double fury fish thing soon too. So?

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Default Re: my chaos vs. tau battle

Chaos Footman:

For one thing, just to help you out a bit, playing a game where you sit and wait for the Tau, isn't going to be a good game for you. Tau are the ultimate sit & wait army, as they can fire and hide. Chaos cannot do this, so you will not have many targets to fire at and he can still fire and hide against you. So don't go down that path as it will not lead to good things for you.

Instead, use the knowledge you have of his units against him. He doesn't field a railgun eh? Then he cannot insta-kill your prince. He cannot bust 14 armor and he cannot place pie-plates on you.

I would advise you to go more to close combat units and avoid standing and shooting. Also, don't make mistakes on target priority--that means, never waste a daemon prince and dreadnought on some Kroot. Ignore the Kroot and go for the heart of his army (those suits and firewarriors). Sure, you will take some hurt from the Kroot a bit, but eventually you'll be out of range and it won't matter.

Try using infiltration in your next game on your chaos marines. A big squad of marines that infiltrates will be a nasty surprise that he'll have to deal with, with most of his force. Give your daemon prince a kind of enhanced movement mode (such as daemonic speed or flight)--you want this combat beast to move faster.

If you really want to be a pain to him, use marks that alter his weapon's statistics (such as nurgle for toughness 5). It's just another way to make your army more resilient.

Try infiltrating your raptors next time too. And make them go straight for his battle suits--nothing else! If you can infiltrate, you'll have his battle suits in no time and really shut him down.

Deepstriking your obliterators to destroy his hammerhead is a great idea (twin-linked meltas all the way!).

You should take a look into the rules of Alpha Legion. You may find comfort there as they're a very well suited army for infiltrating for next to nothing. Tau armies are not very keen when confronted with an entire army at their doorstep in cover.
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Default Re: my chaos vs. tau battle

ok thanx
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Default Re: my chaos vs. tau battle

yeah he always uses a railgun but because I didn't use my Defiler, he didnt use it thats why when playing him I would rather just use more guys so he cant destroy any expensive things.
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Default Re: my chaos vs. tau battle

hey, i'd point out that you didn't kill any of my suits.

and the board was a regulation 6x4 foot board
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Default Re: my chaos vs. tau battle

also, tau isn't the ultimate sit and shoot army, thats the imperial guard. Tau are a mobile army, so destroy the mobile units. Most tau can't win without their mobility.
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