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new chaos
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Default new chaos

OK people i just got my new chaos army deal (arrived at the store and just because i am friends with the manager he will be buying me 3chaos banblades on the 23 of september i become 16) so does any one know anything about the new chaos i just want to gloat hahahahahhai will just tell this must the land raider to terminators for chaos can have a designated landraider transport that means that land raiders are transports and does not count towards the heavy supports and are 30points cheaper (i will not tell you the points cost as in could get sued.
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Default Re: new chaos

i understood about half of what you said...
as for understanding the new chaos im sure it will be sort of like the old codex but axing out half the stuff and reorganizing.
i think they made a good decision swapping the classes of oblits and dreadnoughts
because dreads were underpowered and oblits overpowered.
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It's true!
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Default Re: new chaos


INTRODUCTION 3 Lucius The Eternal 54
Huron Blackheart 56
CHAOS SPACE MARINES 6 The Wolf of Fenris 58
Gods and Champions 8
Horus Heresy 12 SUMMONED DAEMONS 61
The Long War 16 Greater Daemon 62
The Black Legion 22 Lesser Daemon 63

Chaos Space Marines 26 Lords of Chaos 66
Chaos Power Armour 27 Armies Of Chaos 68
Chaos Terminators 28 The Black Legion Colours 74
Possessed Space Marines 29 Black Legion Example Army 76
Chaos Lord 30 Vehicles 80
Soecerer of Chaos 31
Daemon Prince 32 WARGEAR 81
Chaos Spawn 33 Heavy Weapons 81
Chaos Raptors 34 Ranged Weapons 83
Obliterators 35 Close Combat Weapons 84
Khorne Berzerkers 36 Special Equiptment 85
Thousand Sons Marines 37 Armour 86
Plague Marines 38 Vehicle Armoury 87
Noise Marines 39 Psychic Powers 88
Chaos Dreadnought 40
Choas Rhino 42 HQ 90
Chaos Predator 43 Elites 94
Chaos Vendicator 43 Troops 96
Chaos Land Raider 44 Fast Attack 99
Abbadon The Dispoiler 46 Heavy Support 100
Kharn The Betrayer 48 Summoned Daemons 102
Ahriman 50
Fabius Bile 52 Summary 106
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Default Re: new chaos

I wrote up a whole bunch of stuff that I've been able to personally confirm in addition to some of the rumour summaries floating around out there. if you rumage through that thread you should come up with some of the others

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I'd hate to get on his bad side... >
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Fishy has just proved to me that Canadians CAN be scary...
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