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Zinfan - Preacher of Chaos
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Default Zinfan - Preacher of Chaos

Hey all, been starting to build up my lost and the damned force again (using siege of vraks as my 'codex&#39 and have just finished converting a new preacher for my army. I'll post pics of him soon, though may well be entering him in one of the competitions so might keep him under wraps. Anyways, here's his biography.

Zinfan spent most of his life working in one of Vraks' many weapons manufactoriums, toiling each day to produce the munitions for the Emperor's armies. Never particuarly popular, he was downtrodden and always overlooked for promotion by his superiors. But he worked on, always muttering to himself about the saviour who would bring about the bloody death of millions. Anyone first meeting Zinfan was understandably unnerved until they were reassured by Zinfan's coworkers that he was harmless. And so he worked on.

Until the arrival of the cardinal. Here was Zinfan's saviour, the figure from his visions. When called to battle Zinfan responded whole heartedly for his lord, joining the scores of workers rabble that congregated to be issued with weapons.
But progress was slow with so many workers to arm, and Zinfan was impatient to bring the time of blood to pass. Scrambling onto the stage he swept up a massive chainsword belonging to one of the supply officers, before butchering the weapons issuers, screaming that they were heretics for being so complacent in their duty when there was a war to be won. The officer in charge shot Zinfan in the leg, but he staggered forward, slicing the man's legs from beneath up before driving the chainsword into his chest in a fountain of blood. He shouted for the crowd to take up the weapons and led the mob against one of the outer kreig trenches. Predictably, they were massacred, but Zinfan survived, crawling back to Vraks. He expected punishment, but was rewarded for his devotion and granted the permission to preach to the masses, that he might incite more of them to battle. However, he himself would not fully accept the shame of his defeat and to repent had a steel mask bolted to his face to hide his shame. He leads the rabble still, always clutching the chainsword that he used for his first kills and swinging it with enough force to smash walls.

He is Zinfan, preacher of the cardinal, the butcher who leads the masses in the time of blood.

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Default Re: Zinfan - Preacher of Chaos

Awesome stuff mate!

But wouldn't this be better off in the 40k creations board? Ged? :huh:
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Default Re: Zinfan - Preacher of Chaos

I'd like to know, too; I have something similar to submit.
Originally Posted by Kiznti
Originally Posted by Tak'Ukos
Oh God, not that deamnohunters! :P
Who else would fight Choas with Palasma weapons?

Originally Posted by Fish Ead
My Shas'O, I picture as an old grizzled war vet. However, he has a bit of a gung-ho streak. Think Sun Tzu meets Yeosemite Sam
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