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Chaos Vs Necrons
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Chaos Vs Necrons

I wanted to know a few tactics about how to fight the necrons since it will inevitably happen that i face them...I have only theoretical knowledge and am seeking council in this matter...Any advice would be great and elaborate advice would be even better
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Default Re: Chaos Vs Necrons


Y'know, you could receive better advice if you asked in the Necron board. Also you've provided no insight as to what Necron Units you'll be up against, what units you will be using, what type of mission/scenario you will play and how many points you will be playing. But let's look at the broader picture first before we go into the specifics.

So, what are the main Strengths and Weakness of Necrons from the eye of a Chaos Lord?

  • They have the same M.E.Q stats as most Chaos units.
  • They have a much higher Leadership value than most Chaos units.
  • Gauss weapons can wreak Havoc on advancing Dreadnought's or Defilers.
  • They have the ability to Mass Deepstrike units.
  • They also have the dreaded 'we'll be back' roll.
  • They have some fierce Counter Attack units i.e. Pariah's, Tomb Spyders...

  • The most obvious is 'Phase Out.'
  • They have limited access to reliable Anti-Tank weaponry (Like Lascannons, Railguns etc...)
  • They can be a very slow moving Force, although this depends on what units your opponent takes.
  • They don't have many weapons that are AP3 or below.
  • Some Necron units are very expensive in points (Pariah's or Immortals for example,) which can prove lethal to the Necron player if you're playing a Victory Point battle.
  • Necron Warriors, if left unsupported, can become very vulnerable.

The best, and most efficient way to defeat a Necron player is by forcing him to "Phase Out."

Now, most units in the Necron Army count towards this Phase Out, but the most obvious and most favoured units which fall under the Phase Out rule are: Necron Warriors, Necron Destroyers and Necron Immortals. The basic principle behind Phase Out is that if you can destroy 75% of the Necron Players units that count for Phase Out, then basically you win! The idea is, is that when the Necron Army has suffered horrendous casualties, or is losing, instead of fighting to the death they will disappear and return to their tomb, as to avoid capture and their enemies learning of the Necron's themselves any further. Anyway, this is the most obvious way of defeating Necrons, and I highly recommend you do some research into the Necrons.

This for example is a "How to defeat Necrons" guide I found stickied in the Necron board, and it could prove to be very useful for you.

Either way, you should research the Necrons and ask questions to the guys over on the Necron board, as I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help. But, if you really want to beat this guy then you should force him to Phase Out, and if he is worth his Copper he will try his utmost to stop you, as Phase Out is the single most, notable disadvantage the Necrons suffer from, much like the Tau's lack of C.C. power. So remember, kill only Necron units that count towards Phase Out, show no fear in the face of adversity, and may the Dark Gods guide you to your destruction of the foul Xeno.

All the Best.
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