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Army Lists
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Default Army Lists

Ok this is following up my other topic of what to purchase. I ended up getting 3 boxes of Chaos Space Marines so as of now I have
1 Rhino
2 Predator
1 Chaos Lord
3 Bikes
10 Close Combat marines
1 Power Fist Champ and pistol
1 Power Sword Champ and pistol
1 Plasma pistol and ccw
8 Sonic Bolters ( I could take these of and use bolters
2 Blastmasters ( they are flamers but people let me use em)
1 Missle Launchers
1 Heavy Bolter
5 Bolters
and 3 Boxes of Chaos Space Marines (they are still in the boxes)

My Question Is what kind of 1500 Slaanesh Army list could I make
and can I possibly get a 2000 point list from this

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Default Re: Army Lists

Well.............my first recommendation is to buy a codex and make your own list. Its the best way to learn and is half the fun of building an army. I have a pet peeve on this kind of stuff (posting every model you have and requesting a list, that is what Librarium online is for). You got alot of stuff and you don't have to incorporate all of it in your army, make a list, then we can talk :P.

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- Lord Syph
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