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Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist
Old 03 Jul 2007, 16:53   #1 (permalink)
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Default Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

This is not a thread to discuss rumours but to post up what your are planning to buy for your Chaos Forces.

I myself am going for a completely new force still chaos but no longer Death Generation

I'm going for a LatD army to support my up comming nightlords force (so a nice NightLord themed CSM and Latd force)

New codex 12
Lord set 10
Raptor lord 10
Chaos terminators 25
Oblit 12
CSM 18
possessed 25? (not sure whats going on here)
Cadian Shock Troops 18
Gnoblar regiment 18
40mm Round Slottabase X6 0.75 each
Raptors 25 (going on current price)
furies 7
Defiler 35
Forgeworld NL Dreadnought 22
NL shoulder pad 0.75
Mordian Blue 2.00

And thats off the top of my head ??? I personally am aiming for this army to take its time so it looks good, so ill be buying any Nightlord parts for models that come out from forgeworld.
Expensive yes but it will be worth it.

So what are you planning to buy?
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Old 03 Jul 2007, 17:02   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

For me, my army is an interesting thing.

Although I have 1500 pts of them, but the whole list is literally destroyed as a result of bad choices and impulses. So with this new on, I plan to build my entire army in the right direction.

So basically.....

Chaos Codex
Chaos Termie lord (Medusa V)
Chaso Termie lord(plastic)
Chaos Termies(3 boxes)
Chaos Space marines(6 boxes)
Chaos Predator (3 boxes)
Chaos Dreadnought(Plastic one if possible)
Chaos Raptors (enough to make three squads)
Great Unclean one
Daemon Prince(plastic one coming out next year. )
Chaos Possessed
Chaos Spawn

So there you have it, a wish list that is actually a semi-realistic list.

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Scorpions : Corn Snakes : Basilisks

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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

3 boxes of Thousand sons
Box of Terminators
Possibly some obliterators
I would like to get a unit of possesed as well
And bits and bobs for a commander,
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Old 03 Jul 2007, 19:40   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

lots of sonic blaster weapon arms and the arms to support it
terminator lord
plastic termies
3 obliterators
6 new CSM sprues
new spawn
new deamon prince??? (if true)
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Old 04 Jul 2007, 00:42   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

Eh, something light,

The new Codex,
two Marine Boxes,
The Spawn
and a New Lord.

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Old 04 Jul 2007, 03:33   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

the new dex
Chaos termie lord, maybe x2
Chaos termies (I think this will only be a box of 3)
I am a little worried about LATD hopefully we dont get left out in the cold with no new dex or sub dex
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Old 04 Jul 2007, 07:18   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

Just based on the rumors so far my Death Guard is going to change drasticly.

1x Demon Prince
1x Greater Demon
5x Terminators
6x squards Plague Marines
3x Predators
1x Defiler

Too that I want to add:
1x Terminator Lord
10x Terminators
10x Possesed (have to buy cause the models are awesome)
2x Squads of Chaos Marines
2x Squads of Raptors
1x Squad of Bikers
6x Obliterators
1x Havocs

I think my base list will probably be something like
1x Demon Prince
1x Chaos Lord
1x Greater Demon
1x Terminator Squad
4x Plague marines
2x Chaos Marines
2x Raptors
1x Bikes
6x Obliterators
1x Havocs

Not very Detahguardy anymore with all the fast attack but much more balanced. I'll probably field the Havocs and Chaos Marines with Heavy bolters, while the obliterators have all that Lascanon, plasma canon and multi-melta goodness.
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Old 04 Jul 2007, 10:10   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

3 or 4 chaos pred's ;D

and...some more plasma marines...

and...the new chaos lord set?

Yeah....nothing much...just 150+ US dollars :'(
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Old 04 Jul 2007, 10:34   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

3 boxes of chaos space marines.
New 'dex
Spawn (old spawn)
Land Raiders.

Oh, and a Molotov Cocktail for ruining my daemonettes!
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Default Re: Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist

I plan on cutting my army down to around 1750 from 2000 points rather than buying a whole lot.

Probably I'll be getting:

1 x Possessed mutation sprue

1 x CSM box

At most I'll be getting the following:

1 x Possessed mutation sprue

1 x Daemon Prince (but that depends on what you can do with the Lord's upgrades)

2 x CSM boxes

1 x Raptor box
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