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INSANE new tzeetch termies! pictures galore!
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Default INSANE new tzeetch termies! pictures galore!


Im ALMOST done with this unit of freshly converted chaos terminators. i just need to finish basing one dude and its done. They are the chosen of tzeetch for my LATD army and i had a great time working on them. i made them so i could use a crazy tactic ive considered. wanted to know what you all thought.

6 chosen terminators with mark of tzeetch, combi-bolters, power weapons, gift of chaos (possibly thought of giving one of them a heavy flamer, meh. i dunno). the infiltrating agitator and traitor squad uses teleport homers to bring them down safely, right where i want 'em. they charge into combat shortly thereafter and use SIX gifts of chaos spells a turn (remember, M.O.Z. means no pychic tests! weee!). i fight alot of T3 armies so this spell would work wonders! The large amounts of chaos spawn added to the unit would be there only to take wounds. the whole unit is fearless so they would never run away and they would just keep piling on more and more crazy tough ablative wounds! AHHHH!

that unit would cost a whopping 396 points (if i did my math right). so a cheaper alternative is instead of giving them the gift of chaos, upgrading them to champions and giving them inferno bolts. teleport down, open up with 12 rapid firing, twin linked, small bolter blasts!!! dead...gaurdsmen...everywhere.

then charge the next turn...hehehehe!

so, two things really. what do you think of the models? and what do you think of the tactics?


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Default Re: INSANE new tzeetch termies! pictures galore!

I have to say they are very nice.

That tactic I think will be a bit of an eggs in one basket one and incredibly expensive to boot. Remember, to upgrade chosen to terminators you are forefitting the extra wound to get the spell, so you have an extra 30 points on top of whatever you are spending on the upgrade from chosen to terminator.
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Default Re: INSANE new tzeetch termies! pictures galore!

My god...The models are just sick. (In a very good way.)

As for tactics...

Rubric Terminators

Nothings better than watching your opponent fire every weapon he has at one unit while you laugh at his efforts. Why would you laugh? Because every model is a two wound terminator!

The basic Tzeentchian terminator has something that no other terminator has, two wounds. This makes them ungodly tough, able to withstand 4 turns of shooting from an exorcist, a combined combat with Shining Spears, Autarch, and Striking Scorpions and trumping Grey Knight Terminators.

The other thing that Tzeentchian terminators have that no other Chaos terminator does is Slow and Purposeful. I can already hear your moans, "They always move like their in cover!?!" Yes they do, and get over it because this is an advantage. Rubric terminators are the only chaos terminators that can rapid fire their comb-bolters and still assault with their two wound selves.

But I am forgetting one member of the squad, the Aspiring Champion. It is always a good idea to upgrade one of your squad members to an A.C. if you have the points to spare. The A.C. comes with a free power weapon, Combi bolter and the sorcerer ability making him a great deal for his points. I would strongly suggest that you give him a power fist as nothing is more frustrating than watching your Rubric squad get assaulted by a Dreadnought and watching as they uselessly pound on its armour.

The other upgrade I advise is Wind of Chaos. Your A.C. is already a sorcerer so you should take advantage of this ability and give him some psychic power. The best by far would be Wind of Chaos. Wind of Chaos can cause no end of groans by your opponent as he is forced to remove his glorious Space marines after a blast from this flame templet of doom. Another psychic upgrade you should invest in is a Thrall Wizard. I don't know about you but I always enjoy my opponents face when I say "And I'll do it again."

But where Rubrics really shine is in objective based games. If you plop that Rubric squad down on an objective it will take an act of god to make them move from it. I will grantee that a 6 man rubric squad will last 3-4 turns on an objective.

Rubrics are an extremely powerfull unit, but are also an extremely expensive one. Therefore your preferred targets for Rubric Terminators would be other elite enemy troops. The rubrics power weapons, two wounds and A.C. will ensure that that elite enemy unit will not be going anywhere...

Chosen Tzeentchian Terminators

I have to say that this unit is a no-no. They are incredibly expensive for what they can do(Which is not as much as people think) and die as fast as normal terminators. For your points I will say go for the Rubric terminators, but if you fell a need for a massive points sink...

Hope this helps,
E7 (Aun)
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Default Re: INSANE new tzeetch termies! pictures galore!

However, in the new codex terminators may be allowed in groups of 3 so if you can buy psycic powers for them then it may be a more viable tactic.

Though if you do need a points sink you might want to take it as a retinue as then you only need 4.
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