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INSANE chaos terminators! (lots of pics!)
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Default INSANE chaos terminators! (lots of pics!)


Im ALMOST done with this unit of freshly converted chaos terminators. i just need to finish basing one dude and its done. They are the chosen of tzeetch for my LATD army and i had a great time working on them. i made them so i could use a crazy tactic ive considered. wanted to know what you all thought.

6 chosen terminators with mark of tzeetch, combi-bolters, power weapons, gift of chaos (possibly thought of giving one of them a heavy flamer, meh. i dunno). the infiltrating agitator and traitor squad uses teleport homers to bring them down safely, right where i want 'em. they charge into combat shortly thereafter and use SIX gifts of chaos spells a turn (remember, M.O.Z. means no pychic tests! weee!). i fight alot of T3 armies so this spell would work wonders! The large amounts of chaos spawn added to the unit would be there only to take wounds. the whole unit is fearless so they would never run away and they would just keep piling on more and more crazy tough ablative wounds! AHHHH!

that unit would cost a whopping 396 points (if i did my math right). so a cheaper alternative is instead of giving them the gift of chaos, upgrading them to champions and giving them inferno bolts. teleport down, open up with 12 rapid firing, twin linked, small bolter blasts!!! dead...gaurdsmen...everywhere.

then charge the next turn...hehehehe!

so, two things really. what do you think of the models? and what do you think of the tactics?



(accidentally posted this topic twice! im so sorry for that screw up! my web browser was playing tricks with me...)
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Default Re: INSANE chaos terminators! (lots of pics!)


The only issue is that you must upgrade them to champions in order to have psychic powers at all. Otherwise they are simply Rubric Terminators. While this pushes the cot of the squad up significantly, I can see where using a mass GoCspell would be devestating to T3, and not bad eve vs. T4. Since they all must be upgraded to Champs anyway, make sure to give them all Warp Focus to extendthe range of your GoC spell. Remember that termie of no, they are still vulnurable to attack until you convert an even number of spawn. They have 1 wound each as sorcerers and are very expensive. Even against T3 it will tak an avearge of 2 rounds of fire to transform enough Spawn to protect them, so try to get them stuck into a crowd of guardsmen or anything w/o power weapons quickly.

All in all I like the concept but am unconvinced of the tactic's viability. I'd use a 1:1 ratio of Sorcerers to Rubrics for your purposes.
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