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The Anti-tank LT
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Default The Anti-tank LT

Heres a crazy idea,

Take a LT w/ Mark of Choice, D Speed, Infiltrate, and Melta Bombs. You now have a 80-90pt tool that can basically wipe out any tank on the opposing force. Maybe slap a power weapon on him so he's not totally defenseless. Think of the potential, if you get first turn, you can auto hit and penetrate a land raider on the first turn. Maybe even think about taking 2 in tank heavy games.
Granted every idea does have its flaws. This is a waste of an HQ slot on skimmer armies like your Tau and Eldar. While useful, its probably a waste on a tournament (unless the enemy has a bunch of LRs, then by all means). This tactic can also be the cure for the common 'fex. By giving that LT a MoN and a Plague sword and Spikey Bitz, you can just as easily whipe out a carnifex or Hive Tyrant by turn 1 as well.

P.S.: With the sad death of D speed in the next codex, you may want to try this out as soon as possible :'(.
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Default Re: The Anti-tank LT


I wouldn't do that. Here's why: if the vehicle moved, you're only going to hit with your meltabomb on a 4+. If it moved faster, you hit on a 6+ only. Since you only get 1 attack with the metalbomb, and it's totally depending on how fast your opponent moved the vehicle, the strategy does not work unless your opponent gives this to you.

Alternatively, just put your character on a chaos bike, upgrade to have a meltagun on it (don't buy a combi-melta). There's a fast moving BS5 meltagun on the move. Better than a meltabomb. For only 85 points too. Or you could go with plasma and buy tank hunters. Now you have 2 shots at STR8 on the move at 12". But at 100 points, not worth it. Overall, neither are worth it. For that cost, you could have gotten a squad of Marines with a lascannon basically, or an Obliterator with a lascannon.

Frankly, if you want to beat up a vehicle in melee, just use a power fist. Forget bombs of any kind. And if you want to really torch a tank at range, autocannons & lascannons with `tank hunters' gives you lots of options; a ST10 lascannon is a lot more reliable than an 80 point non-scoring meltabomb that is too easily countered or misses on it's own even more often.

As for the Carnifex or any squad option, really, you've got to be asking your opponent why he had nothing in front of his precious model, like a cheap unit of gaunts or some rippers or something. It's just not as cut & dry as that. If your strategy requires your opponent to do something pretty numbskullish, it's not going to be something that works.

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