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Representing other race affected by chaos! discussion and ideas!
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Default Representing other race affected by chaos! discussion and ideas!

Just was thinking about count as armies and remembered the image of the nurgle orks in the Daemonhunters codex.

So thought id discuss other races effected by chaos.
Mutated Warboss > Daemon Prince (use the Inquisitor range)
Warboss > C.Lord

Ard boyz > chosen (black ork conversions etc)
Mega armour orks > Oblits

Shoota boyz > CSM's (How would they get their power saves? weapons improvements etc etc Id say a blessing of Nurgle! or looted gear that has corrupted them)
Squig swarms/grots > Nurglings
Slugga boys > Plague bearers

Fast attack-
Bikers > bikers
Stormboyz > Raptors
Boars/large squigs > furies

Battle Waggon > Land raider
Defiler > Ork monstrosity
Dreads/killer cans > Dreads

Very easy to do orks as count as by saying looted armour corrupted them or Nurgles blessing protects them. The idea isn't to far as Ive seen Nurgle LatD Skaven armies before and tzeentch Eldar army.

What do you guys think? What army's do you think you could show?

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Default Re: Representing other race affected by chaos! discussion and ideas!

it's sort of a ... meh... the vehicles i can see, the chosen i can see, the rest just doesn't fit, just stick to the mutant idea for LatD
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