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Startured Lords, Demon Weapons, and you......
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Default Startured Lords, Demon Weapons, and you......

Boredom on a friday night mostly, I kind of felt like branching off and making a general chaos tactica, just to help out...

Statured Lords

Statured Lords are very limited in what they can take, Daemon Weapons, Cult specific goodies (i.e. Plague Swords), CCWís, Great weapons, Combi-Bolters, and of course Daemonic Gifts, which are, weapons, Talons, Fire and Venom.

With statured lords being Monstrous Creatures, they already ignore ordinary saves, taking a Dreadaxe is a nice option as it will be ignoring all saves, and performs an excellent Tank Killing Roll (Due to Stature) and Character Killing. Itíll also be good against things such as Terminators. Great Weapons and Combi-Bolters arenít even worth considering Great Weapons because itís only +1 Strength, and Combi-Bolters due to itís reduced Ballistic Skill.

Venom is pointless. Normally, a Strength 5 Daemon Prince will wound a Space Marine on a 3+, so what would be the need for Venom? Although it has been pointed out to me that you donít always fight Space Marines, and, should you come up against a Wraithlord, Venom is a great, cheap way to get rid of it. Provided they let you get that close.

However, in my book, Talons are excellent. Your basic strength is 5, combine that with Furious Charge and Strength, and youíll rip open tanks. 2D6 for being a monstrous creature and then add another D6 if you roll a 6. The talons rule say add the d6, it gives no exceptions. That should do it, average 10-11 armour penetration before adding strength - Of course, with Furious Charge +D.Str, thatís a base of 7, minimum roll being 1 on both dice, and you can damage vehicles with you AP of 9, well actually, you canít, but anything other than t a snake eyes will result in at least a glancing hit.

For those Nurgle fans out there, the Manreaper is excellent here too, with itís minimum of 5A on the Charge, and Maximum of 10. That decimates squads very quickly. Try it, itís worth it even though the Power Weapon part is squandered due to you being a Monstrous Creature, and the fact that it only gives 1A in single combat.

Two CCWís can be moderately effective, remember that you wonít be giving the enemy any saves due to you Monstrous Abilities, and you benefit from that extra attack.

The other Daemon Weapons can also be moderately useful:

Dark Blade: +2 Strength, although itís Power Weapon ability means nothing to a Monstrous Creature.

Dreadaxe: A better choice than the Dark Blade, as you never wound on less than a 4+ regardless of Strength and Toughness values, and you ignore Invulnerable Saves, couple with you being a Monstrous Creature means that you wonít be giving your opponent any saves. Although it doesnít give you any extra abilities against Vehciles, remember that you are a Monstrous Creature, and hence, will gain that +2D6 AP.

Ether Lance: Although this is only Strength 4, it has an AP of 3, and is a Power Weapon, and an Assault Weapon like a Flamer. Although, against your average marine, the AP or the Power Weapon part is wasted, as he wonít be making any saves anyway, but can be useful against big squads of them.

Kai Gun: One handed to a Monstrous Creature, two handed to lesser mortals. This Assault 2 weapon is not as good as a Plasma Gun, with only a Strength of 6 and AP of 3, itís better to stick with another weapon really on someone big, and not waste that precious Daemon Weapon Slot.

The Downfall of Daemon Weapons

The one downfall of Daemon Weapons is Mastery. Whenever you inflict at a casualty or more on an enemy with the Daemon Weapon, the Daemon fights back at the master. A Leadership test is made at the end of the turn, and if failed results in a Perils of the Warp attack. If passed or the wielder survives, it continues as normal until it decides to rebel again. This is a Leadership check guys, so that even Fearless models must take this. There is nothing more sad and cringing than watching a 170pt demon prince; the gem of your army, go down the toilet...

Hope this helps

- Sitarangi
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Default Re: Startured Lords, Demon Weapons, and you......


Good writeup man. This is good stuff for newer players that are trying to figure out how to configure their DPs. +1 Karma.

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